Struum will pool content from various streaming services to simplify binge watching

Struum will bring content to one place to simplify streaming.
Image: Struum

It’s no secret that the streaming industry has gotten out of control. In just a few years, it has changed from Netflix dominating and holding most of the content to shows and movies being dispersed among several platforms—each with its own monthly subscription fee.

Consumers are forced to pick and choose which services are worth their money, missing out on tons of great content from other platforms in the process.

A new streaming service called Struum aims to fix this problem, TechCrunch reports. The startup is helmed by former Discovery and Disney+ executives and has the financial backing of former Disney CEO Michael Eisner.

Struum will operate with a model similar to ClassPass, allowing consumers to sample content from different platforms without needing to subscribe to each one individually. It could be the perfect solution for consumers that are upset by the deluge of new streaming services.

Simplified Streaming

To be clear, Struum won’t be directly competing with large platforms like Netflix, HBO Max, and Disney+. Instead, it aims to work together with other services to give consumers a huge library of content in one place. TechCrunch notes that there are more than 250 niche streaming platforms that make up the remaining 25 percent of the market behind the major competitors.

Struum reportedly has three dozen streaming partners lined up for its launch later this year. Although it hasn’t said who the partners are, the service will host more than 20,000 TV shows and movies. It will be interesting to see if flagship content from various streaming services appears in Struum’s library. For instance, can consumers expect to see Disney’s “The Mandalorian,” Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” or HBO’s “Game of Thrones” all in one place?

Unfortunately, the answer is probably no. Streaming giants will want to keep their cornerstone content exclusive to their platforms to help attract and retain subscribers.

Drawing on Success

Struum’s many resemblances to ClassPass are intriguing. The latter showed consumers a new way of doing things when it opened up fitness classes in local gyms and studios without people needing to be members.

Now, Struum hopes to apply that same model to the streaming industry. Lauren DeVillier, one of the company’s co-founders and former head of product for Discovery Ventures, tells TechCrunch, “I was a huge user of ClassPass and I love that model.”

Rather than logging in to watch an unlimited library of content, users get several “credits” each month. The credits can then be spent to watch shows from various platforms. If consumers find that content from one service is particularly engaging, they can sign up for that platform from within the Struum app.

Ultimately, Struum feels like a win-win for everyone involved. Streaming services gain exposure and can attract new subscribers by creating engaging content. Consumers are able to watch more content without signing up for 50 different services. Of course, Struum collects a monthly subscription fee so it wins as well.

As the streaming world continues to get more complicated, Struum may be an ideal way to re-simplify things. Time will tell when the platform launches later this year.


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