‘Batwoman,’ ‘Nancy Drew,’ ‘Wu-Tang: An American Saga,’ and more to be featured at PaleyFest

The 13th annual PaleyFest Fall TV Previews are coming in September.
Image: Facebook | Paley Center

The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills recently announced their 2019 schedule for the 13th annual PaleyFest Fall TV Previews. The lineup is a dream come true for television fans. The 10-day premier television festival will take place at the Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills from September 5-15, 2019.

This season’s program will feature screenings, as well as cast and creative discussions that include shows from ABC, Amazon Prime Video, CBS, The CW, FOX, Hulu, NBC, Netflix, Nickelodeon, Spectrum Originals, and TNT.

What to Expect

The initial lineup of talent has already been announced with additional names to follow. Anna Camp, Ann Curry, Kat Dennings, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Matt Groening, Marg Helgenberger, Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser, and The RZA are among those scheduled to appear.

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Fans in attendance will get a sneak peek at some of the most highly anticipated shows of the season. Streaming services Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix are all putting their best foot forward. “Undone” is Amazon Prime’s new gem. The rotoscope animated series is the first of its kind. The first two episodes were screened at this year’s Comic-Con, and are already generating quite a buzz.

Netflix is bringing “Disenchantment” to the table. It’s even offering up the show’s creator and executive producer, Matt Groening, for the occasion. “The Simpsons” creator will be onsite to discuss his latest endeavor. Groening and team will be closing out this year’s lineup of the Fall TV Previews on Sept. 15. Season 2 of the animated fantasy will return to the streaming service on Sept. 20. Those in attendance will likely get some juicy details and exclusive teasers on what they can expect to see in the new season.

'Disenchantment' on Netflix is created by Matt Groening.
Image: Series Art / Paley Center

Enter the Wu-Tang

Hulu has two shows lined up for Tuesday, Sept. 10. “Dollface,” which earned a green light for 10 episodes, shines with Kat Dennings at the helm. The former “2 Broke Girls” star will be starring in and executive producing this comedy. After a long wait (and some recasting) the series is set to premiere on Nov. 15, 2019. Joining Denning’s team is comedy veteran, Ira Ungerleider. Ungerleider is well known for his role as executive producer of shows such as “Friends” and “Angie Tribeca.”

Music, of course, is always represented at PaleyFest. Many past Paley events have called for appearances by musical artists who are intertwined with television. Included on that list are LL Cool J, Barbra Streisand, Dionne Warwick, and Bobby Brown, among others.

Following in those footsteps, “Wu-Tang: An American Saga,” is on this year’s PaleyFest bill. The series is slated to make its television debut on Sept. 4. Both Alex Tse (Co-Creator, Writer, and Executive Producer) as well as The Rza (Co-Creator, Writer, and Executive Producer) will be at the Paley Center. The 10-episode television miniseries is a fictionalized account of the rise of the Wu-Tang Clan. The show is set in New York City in the early ’90s, and is based on books penned by The Rza (“The Wu-Tang Manual” and “Tao of Wu”). The trailer is packed with some of Wu-Tang’s greatest hits, leaving hip-hop fans with an air of excitement for what’s to come.

Image: Series Art / Paley Center

The CW’s Super Lineup

As to be expected, The CW comes out on top with an incredible lineup. The CW always brings their heavy hitters to the fall and spring PaleyFests, as well as other Paley events. The cast of “Supernatural,” “Jane the Virgin,” and “Riverdale,” have all taken the Paley stage at some point.

This year, on Saturday, Sept. 7, The CW is showcasing “Batwoman,” “Nancy Drew,” and “Katy Keene.” Marking the first “Riverdale” spinoff, “Katy Keene” is bound to bring out some of the hardcore fans. While the cast is not set to be onsite (the show stars Lucy Hale and Ashleigh Murray), there will be a special screening. Fans might not get the answer to a “Riverdale”/”Katy Keene” crossover they were hoping for, but at least they’ll get a first look at what is likely to become a fast favorite.

Both “Nancy Drew” and “Batwoman” will feature panel discussions from the cast, as well as exclusive screenings. Kennedy McMann (Nancy Drew) and Scott Wolf (Carson Drew) will be on hand for “Nancy Drew.” The series makes its debut on Oct. 9. As for “Batwoman,” one of the most highly anticipated shows of the season, the list of talent who will be appearing has yet to be announced. The show premieres on Oct. 6. It stars Ruby Rose in the title role.

Image: Series Art / Paley Center

Good Times

The Paley Center for Media hosts events regularly in both Los Angeles and New York. Prior and post the big fall festivities, the Paley Center will celebrate with other special events.

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, the Paley Center will host An Evening with Phylicia Rashad and Lynn Whitfield. The Emmy and NAACP Award-winning Whitfield, who stars on OWN’s hit drama series “Greenleaf,” will be there for onsite. Tony Award-winner Phylicia Rashad will join Whitfield for the occasion. Rashad, who was nominated for an Emmy for her work on “This Is Us,” is starring in OWN’s new drama, “David Makes Man.”

Also recently announced was The Paley Honors: A Special Tribute to Television’s Comedy Legends. On Nov. 21 in Los Angeles, the Paley Center will honor comedy icons Carol Burnett, Norman Lear, Carl Reiner, Bob Newhart, and Lily Tomlin. The evening will feature groundbreaking comedic moments from sitcoms, scripted comedies, animated series, as well as variety, talk, and sketch shows.

For a complete schedule of the 13th annual PaleyFest Fall TV Previews and a list of other events, please visit the Paley Center website.

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