Netflix ends 30-day free trial promotional offer in the United States

Netflix ends 30-day free trial promotional offer in the United States.
Image: YouTube | Netflix

Netflix has ended its 30-day free trial promotion in the United States, Variety reported. The streaming service told the publication it would utilize other strategies to market its offerings in America. For instance, the company launched a new website that lets Internet users view some of its programming without a subscription.

In addition, U.S. residents still have the opportunity to try out several other quality streaming video platforms for free.

Why is Netflix Ending Its US Free Trial Program?

Netflix probably ended its free trial program in its home market because it is no longer necessary.

Streaming video on demand (SVOD) services use free-month promotions to raise consumer awareness of their platforms and attract new customers. But as of this year, Netflix serves over 186 million people worldwide. The firm reached a point where it no longer needs to give away free samples to generate interest. In fact, the company has been quietly winding down its worldwide free trial program for the past two years.

The coronavirus outbreak also indirectly helped the 23-year-old service expand its subscriber numbers.

After regional governments issued lockdown orders to halt the pandemic’s spread, newly homebound users turned to SVODs to relieve their boredom. Netflix alone added nearly 16 million new customers during the first quarter and 10 million more in the June period.

In the “new normal,” Netflix has moved its attention to shoring up its profitability. The company’s stock price took a hit in July after its third-quarter earnings outlook fell short of Wall Street’s expectations. By eliminating certain promotional offers, the firm hopes more people will pay to access its full content library.

Disney Plus, one of Netflix’s main rivals in the SVOD space, saw positive results by employing the same strategy this year. After terminating its seven-day free trial program in June, the platform’s global subscriber count rose by 2.5 million the following month.

SVODs That Still Have Free Trial Offers

Americans looking to expand their media consumption options have plenty of free trial SVODs offers to choose from right now.

Hulu, which hosts thousands of TV shows and movies, lets new users sign up for a free month of service. Platform exclusives like “Letterkenny” and “Palm Springs” are highly recommended for the uninitiated. Plus, its ad-supported tier is only $5.99 a month, so it is not an expensive addition to the media budget.

HBO Max has a seven-day free trial, and its library is full of classics like “Friends” and “The Matrix” trilogy. The SVOD hosts few original content selections but “Harley Quinn” and “Raised by Wolves” are worth a watch. That said, consumers should know its regular monthly subscription price is $14.99.

CBS All Access also lets new users check out its offering for a week without a financial commitment. With a starting monthly access fee of $5.99, paying for the service is an affordable way to watch shows like “Cheers” and “The Good Wife.” On the other hand, none of its original shows count as essential viewing.

The above-listed SVOD should provide enough distractions to temporarily stave off cabin fever. If not, Netflix starts at $8.99 a month for new and returning U.S. based subscribers.


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