NBC wants to reboot ‘The Office’ on its Peacock streaming service

'The Office' to leave Netflix by 2021
Image: YouTube | The Office

NBC is reportedly considering a reboot of one of its most popular shows ever: “The Office.” Fans have been waiting to hear this news for years.

The media corporation is eyeing the project for its upcoming Peacock streaming service. Recently announced, the SVOD platform will debut in April 2020 with over 15,000 hours of content for viewers to enjoy. Now, everyone’s favorite Scranton paper company might make a comeback.

Unfortunately, the news might not be as good as it seems on the surface. A new “Office” reboot would almost certainly not include previous cast members. Of course, this is making fans wonder whether or not a reboot should happen at all.

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All-In on Favorites

Despite its strange name, NBC’s new streaming service may have a legitimate chance to rival Netflix and Hulu. The company is going all-in to make sure that fan favorites, blockbuster hits, and timeless classics arrive on the platform. That means it is spending a tremendous amount of money to make it happen.

Previously, the company purchased the exclusive streaming rights to “The Office” for a whopping $500 million. Though the show is currently on Netflix, it will make a run on Peacock starting in 2021.

NBC’s deal for “The Office” shortly preceded two similar signings as WarnerMedia secured the rights to “The Big Bang Theory” for HBO Max and Netflix scored big with the addition of “Seinfeld” for 2021 and beyond. This flurry of transactions comes thanks to the ongoing streaming wars as both Disney and Apple also plan to enter the SVOD market this November.

Now, NBC is looking to double up on its acquisition of “The Office” by rebooting the beloved series. In the words of Bonnie Hammer, chairwoman of the company’s direct-to-consumer and digital enterprises, “It is my hope and goal that we do an Office reboot.”

Worth It?

Though the idea of an “Office” reboot is extremely attractive to some fans, others worry that it might tarnish the near-perfect show. Just look at “Ghostbusters” or almost any DC movie (excluding “Wonder Woman”) from the past 10 years.

Nevertheless, NBC seems to be seriously considering the possibility of rebooting the show.

Hammer says, “We will be looking at all of them down the road and see what makes the most sense. When we see what the usage is on the service, if something is popping, and it’s ours, you better believe that we are going to be looking at it as a new original.”

Sadly, it’s likely that the original cast won’t return if a reboot does take place. Dwight has moved on to being a shark scientist in “The Meg” and Jim is now a badass secret agent in “Jack Ryan.” Meanwhile, Pam is making her own podcasts and Michael is working on a new space-based comedy series for Netflix.

Whether or not a reboot happens, at least fans can enjoy the Dunder Mifflin gang in all their glory on Peacock starting in 2021.