Mr. Robot s4ep5 predictions: Team Robot’s heist won’t go as planned

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Over the next several weeks, The Burn-In will feature recaps of “Mr. Robot’s” final season. Moreover, the site is going to host weekly forecasts that will attempt to predict the program’s many twists and turns. The “Mr. Robot” predictions will also examine the hacks depicted on the show and their real-life application.

**This article contains spoilers for “Mr. Robot” season 4**

Things Will Fall Apart

While an excellent overall installment of the show, “404 Not Found” was kind of a filler episode. It only advanced season 4’s macro plot in one major way; Tyrell Wellick’s apparent death. Otherwise, it focused on the core cast’s internal development, save for one detail. At one point, Darlene Alderson made and then deleted an angry voicemail for her brother Elliot. In it, she noted Team Robot’s plan to wipe out the Deus Group’s financial holdings hit a snag.

Specifically, the credentials Elliot stole from Olivia Cortez aren’t enough to remotely facilitate the emptying of Deus’ accounts. Instead, the group will need to compromise a company called Virtual RealtyBased on a few hours of surveillance, Darlene reported the location should be easy to infiltrate. Going by the entire history of film and television, Team Robot’s Christmas Day heist won’t go as planned.

Given the group’s general shakiness and the elaborate nature of the operation, one of two scenarios will likely unfold. Either Elliot and company will encounter a heretofore unknown complication and will be captured mid-hack. Conversely, the team will beat the odds and complete the breach. However, their victory will almost certainly come at great cost, with Darlene or Elliot being captured.

That said, Team Robot failing to execute their heist properly might lead the group toward a positive outcome.

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Dom Will Push Back Against Dark Army

Though the character didn’t make any Scarlett O’Hara style declarations, Dom DiPierro had a breakthrough in “404 Not Found.” The long-suffering FBI agent had a brutal nightmare wherein a Dark Army operative attempted to kill her. Specifically, the assassin held her underwater until she died while taunting her she would never be free of the organization’s reach. Afterward, Dom seemed eerily at peace and more focused than she had been all season.

Having hit rock bottom, the FBI agent will likely begin pushing back against Dark Army in “405 Method Not Allowed.” She may start small by taking steps to extricate herself from the group’s control. Conversely, she could make a more definitive statement by killing her handler Janice. While doing so might prompt a brutal retaliation, Dark Army needs Dom. Without her, the organization not only loses an FBI mole, but it will also have to account for her inexplicable death.

Given the cleverness of “Mr. Robot’s” writing staff, the show might frame her rebellion in more surprising terms. For instance, she could be absent for all of “405 Method Not Allowed” until arriving at Virtual Realty to arrest Elliot and Darlene.

Image: Elizabeth Fisher/USA Network

Vera Will Try to Capture Krista

In “403 Forbidden,” would-be drug kingpin Fernando Vera learned Elliot shared a close but strained relationship with a woman he didn’t recognize. However, “Mr. Robot” viewers know the woman in question is Elliot’s estranged therapist Krista Gordon. In this Sunday’s episode, Vera will likely make a move to kidnap the psychiatrist.

For one thing, the show’s next episode previews and promotional images highlighted Krista’s return. Moreover, Vera capturing her would give Team Robot a problem to deal with after the Deus hack. As the crime lord wants Elliot to serve as his partner, the show may spend a few episodes with him matching wits with his season 1 nemesis.

At this point, Vera doesn’t represent the kind of existential threat Whiterose does. But the character is ruthless, well-armed, and insane, so he’s hardly a pushover. Also, in putting Vera and Elliot into direct conflict once again, the program can reintroduce his mysterious fifth alternate personality. Earlier this season, the Other One told Darlene he took care of Vera, but that’s obviously not the case. Therefore, the show will need to explain that exchange at some point.

Wellick’s Status Will Remain Ambiguous

In classic “Mr. Robot” fashion, “404 Not Found” featured the abrupt death of a main character, Tyrell Wellick. However, the episode didn’t conclude with a shot of his corpse. Instead, the character seemingly keeled down to die only to be distracted by a glowing blue light. However, the program didn’t reveal if the light actually existed or if it was a dying man’s hallucination.

In its four seasons, “Mr. Robot” has relished in withholding critical information from its audience. Indeed, the show spent most of its second season teasing the possibility Wellick had died or was one of Elliot’s alternate personalities. As such, it’s unlikely Sunday’s installment will provide definitive information on the character’s fate.

Right now, the series is only a third of the way through its final season. Accordingly, it has the narrative space to keep Tyrell’s fate up in the air for a few more installments. Though the character reached an emotional endpoint last episode, he also still has a part to play in Whiterose’s downfall. Consequently, “405 Method Not Allowed” will probably open with Darlene picking up Elliot from the woods. On the drive back to the city, he could explain what happened but will also note Wellick disappeared.

Lost Signal

Elliot and Tyrell got hopelessly lost last episode because they had no smartphone reception. That meant the pair couldn’t call for a pickup or chart their way to a friendly place using Google Maps. However, before the duo wandered into a dead zone, Darlene saw where they were.

In “402 Payment Required,” the hacker forced Elliot to install a custom build of encrypted messaging app Signal that included a GPS tracker on his handset. As things shook out, Darlene’s precaution saved Elliot from freezing to death in upstate New York. However, it also likely gave Dark Army a way to track the elusive hacker.

Sunday’s episode showed the Chinese collective had bugged Elliot’s home per Whiterose’s orders. But the group might’ve also cloned his smartphone to trace his movements further. As Lifehacker explains, it’s possible to duplicate a handset’s unique identifiers and data with an app and computer or shared Wi-Fi connection. By creating a double of Elliot’s phone, the group could keep tabs on his location and read his private messages.

While Elliot is typically very good about protecting his information security, he’s not always himself. A discrete Dark Army agent could’ve copied his smartphone during one of his fugue episodes. If that’s the case, Team Robot’s big heist isn’t as secret as the group assumes.

Besides, real-life smartphone owners should always treat their handsets like their wallets or pocketbooks. At this point, both peripherals carry a person’s identification and means of payment and merit the same degree of monitoring.

“Mr. Robot” airs on the USA Network Sundays at 10 pm E.T.

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