Mr. Robot s4ep4 predictions: Wellick and Elliot will have a reckoning


For the next few months, The Burn-In will be recapping the final season of “Mr. Robot.” The site will also feature weekly prediction pieces that will consider how future episodes of the series will play out. The weekly “Mr. Robot” forecasts will also look at how the hacks depicted on the show have been used in real life.

**This article contains spoilers for “Mr. Robot” season 4**

Wellick and Elliot Will Have a Reckoning

Being a sociopathic social climber and murderer, Tyrell Wellick is not a good man. However, it’s also fair to say that the character has suffered immensely by aligning himself with Elliot Alderson. In the show’s first three seasons, the executive’s alliance with Mr. Robot has cost him his family, his autonomy, and very nearly his life. Moreover, the revolutionary has failed to deliver on his promises of working with the businessman to change the world for the better.

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Consequently, it’s likely that the show’s next episode, “404 Not Found,” will feature a reckoning between the duo.

At the end of Sunday’s installment, Elliot frantically tried to stop Wellick from exposing his plot to take down the Dark Army. Since the hacker didn’t keep his old partner informed, the executive had no idea that Alderson’s apartment had been bugged. As the preview for “404 Not Found” showed Elliot and Wellick fleeing through a desolate snow-covered landscape, the pair will have time to talk.

In their long-overdue conversation, the duo could hash out Mr. Robot’s treatment of his long-time ally. They could also discuss Elliot’s current scheme with Philip Price to bankrupt the Deus Group. At the end of their talk, one of two things will probably happen. Either Elliot will apologize and promise to help the executive reunite with his child, or Wellick could angrily cut ties with Mr. Robot and end up as a frozen corpse.

Dom Will Hit Rock Bottom

“Mr. Robot’s” fourth season has been particularly hard on FBI Agent Dominique DiPerro. The character started the season so paranoid and sleep-deprived that she almost murdered an innocent handyman. Subsequently, her Dark Army handler Janice has worsened her sense of despair by threatening to kill her mother and actually killing her supervisor. However, despite those traumas, Dom hasn’t quite hit rock bottom yet.

Unfortunately, the dedicated federal agent will likely reach the end of her rope in “404 Not Found.” Though she’s not reconciled herself to the fact, Dom (and all of Dark Army’s assets) are disposable. Even if she follows all of the group’s directives, the group will inevitably move to kill her like it did her predecessor, Agent Santiago. As she is failing to meet Dark Army’s expectations, the organization will likely increase pressure upon her next episode.

Consequently, Dom will likely experience a total psychological collapse. While it won’t be pleasant to see her suffer, the character needs to hit rock bottom. Once she realizes the horrific inevitability of her circumstances, she can set aside her numb submissiveness. She’ll also start employing desperate measures like contacting Elliot or Darlene. While Dom has good reason to hate the Alderson siblings, they represent her only possible way forward.

Carly Chaikin in Mr. Robot, "Payment Required""
Image: Peter Kramer / USA Network

Darlene Will Rediscover Herself

Like her brother and one-time lover, Darlene has not been in a good place recently. Angela Moss’ shocking death sent her into a drug-fueled downward spiral. Moreover, Elliot’s lingering bitterness regarding her time as an FBI mole has caused him to keep her at arm’s length. Plus, her encounters with Dark Army and Vera have left her rattled. As such, the once driven fsociety member has been on autopilot for three episodes of the season.

Thankfully, the teaser for “404 Not Found” suggests that Darlene will be getting back into the game. It seems as though Elliot will disappear with Wellick after their confrontation in his apartment. As a result, Darlene will make it her mission to find her lost brother. As established in “402 Payment Required,” she installed a handy GPS tracker on his smartphone.

By giving herself a goal to pursue, Darlene will once again take charge of her life. Ideally, that change will inspire her to take a more active role in the Deus Group takedown plot. Though obsessively dedicated, Elliot and Price are too close to the situation to see where they’re leaving themselves vulnerable. Conversely, Darlene still has a functioning sense of self-preservation and can ensure that the operation stays on track.

The Wonders of Two-Factor Authentication

Although he’s a master hacker, Elliot runs into a problem that he can’t program his way around in “403 Forbidden.” Initially, he believes that he’ll gain access to Cyprus Bank’s database by breaking into account manager Olivia Cortez’s home and compromising her computer. Unfortunately for him, the shrewd executive uses two-factor authentication to limit access to her machine. As such, Elliot, with a crucial assist from Mr. Robot, had to get close to Olivia personally to access her security keyfob.

While utilizing a peripheral gadget as a second method of identification is a bit hardcore for most consumers, two-factor authentication should be a must for everyone. Users make their personal information much more secure if they add another layer of scrutiny to their login credentials.

Indeed, in February, The Burn-In reported that hackers breached a series of Google Nest home security systems. One family in California received a fake emergency alert that North Korea had fired intercontinental missiles at the United States. Similarly, a rogue operator tormented a family in Illinois by screaming racial slurs through their smart speakers.

Upon investigating, Google discovered that the Nest hacking incidents could’ve been prevented had the affected subscribers’ utilized two-factor authentication. Indeed, consumers can protect their money, social media profiles, and living spaces by merely linking their smartphones to their login data.

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