HBO Max drops price to $12 for pre-order customers

HBO Max announces details and pricing.
Image: YouTube | HBO

It seems like a new streaming platform is popping up every day. HBO certainly isn’t new to the streaming game, but its revamped offering, HBO Max, is. The platform will make its debut on May 27, bringing countless hits with it.

Now, the company is taking a page out of Disney’s playbook and offering a discount to customers who pre-order their subscription. The deal drops the price of HBO Max from $15 per month to $12 for the entire first year.


Consumers shouldn’t be surprised that HBO Max is attempting to lure in subscribers with a pre-order offer. Just look at what it did for Disney+. By boosting its subscriber numbers early, the service gained a ton of momentum before even launching. Now, less than six months after its release, Disney+ has more than 50 million subscribers.

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Time will tell if the strategy is equally effective for HBO Max.

With the price reduced to $12 a month, the service is actually cheaper than Netflix’s standard HD plan. The streaming giant has sneakily raised its prices several times in the past few years despite the fact that it is bleeding content to emerging platforms. With that in mind, HBO Max doesn’t look quite so expensive. If it’s smart, that will be a comparison to tout in the weeks leading up to its launch.

It is worth noting that the deal is only open to customers who sign up through the HBO Max website or WarnerMedia. In other words, trying to pay for HBO Max through Apple, Google Play, or another third-party service won’t work. Oddly enough, even signing up through the HBO Max application doesn’t count. It must be done through the website.

The pre-order subscription will be billed monthly at $12. That’s a nice touch since many pre-order subscriptions require users to pay for the entire year up-front.

Still, HBO Max is more expensive than the other platforms out there. Disney+ is just $6.99 while Apple TV+ is a measly $4.99. Those that don’t need HD can get Netflix for $8.99.

One More

Right now, consumers have several choices for streaming services. The biggest four are, of course, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. Others like Apple TV+ and Quibi are trying to break into the space with innovative formats. Soon, NBCUniversal will join the game with Peacock and thousands of hours of fan-favorite content.

HBO Max is launching into a highly competitive marketplace. Without its anchor hit “Game of Thrones,” HBO has struggled to attract and retain viewers. Max is its attempt to change that narrative.

It will combine all of the shows and movies currently on HBO NOW with hit content from WarnerMedia. This includes shows like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Friends” alongside movies like “The Matrix” and “The Lord of the Rings.”

Despite the fact that HBO Max is pricey, it does offer a wealth of content for subscribers to enjoy. The pre-order offer makes the price tag a little easier to swallow.


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