Gaming focused TV network G4 might be making a comeback

Gaming TV channel G4 might be making a comeback next year.
Image: G4

Imagine a world with a TV network that focuses purely on video games and tech. That was the role of G4 until it ceased operations in 2014. Now, nearly six years since it shut down, the widely-loved channel is teasing a comeback.

Several Twitter accounts associated with the network, including G4’s own, sent out a cryptic video with the caption “We never stopped playing” on Friday afternoon. It also featured the number “2021,” leaving many fans wondering if the channel is making its return next year.

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Is G4 Actually Coming Back?

It would be a sick joke if G4 stirs the hopes of its fans only to dash them by not returning. That being said, it’s likely that we’ll be getting at least some form of the channel back.

Fans probably shouldn’t get their hopes up for a cable TV return, though. Audiences that live online—like those targeted by G4—don’t really embrace the cable TV model. Hence the cord-cutting being witnessed in recent years.

With that said, the world of entertainment looks a lot different today than it did when G4 shut down in 2014. It’s easy to picture the channel returning to a platform like Twitch, YouTube, or even Facebook.

A channel that focuses purely on gaming and tech could very well thrive on an all-digital platform. In fact, it could become even more popular than it did in its prime on cable television.

Along with the potential return of G4 as a channel comes the possibility of its content being resurrected. The account of one of its most popular shows, “X-Play,” also tweeted the video on Friday.

If “X-Play” does return, it likely won’t be without its long-time host Adam Sessler. He was involved with the show until 2012. Yet, on Friday, he expressed surprise when the “X-Play” Twitter account showed signs of life. Of course, it could all be part of the act.

Another show that could make an appearance is “Attack of the Show!” It was a popular hit for G4 back in the day.

Although details remain scarce, G4 fans can cling onto one shred of hope. An anonymous source told Variety that the G4 relaunch is coming from Comcast Spectacor, the company’s sports and esports division. With a legitimate backing, G4 could have a chance at succeeding in today’s entertainment marketplace.

A Look Back at G4

Many will remember when G4 launched back in 2002. Its lineup of content focused on gaming news, reviews, and competitions. In a sense, it played a crucial role in getting esports off the ground.

The network wasn’t just for nerds though. It featured hosts like Jessica Chobot, Olivia Munn, Morgan Webb, Alison Haislip, Geoff Keighley, and more.

For many young gaming and tech enthusiasts, G4 was a source of inspiration growing up. A return in 2021 would help inspire an all-new generation. It comes at a perfect time as well with the incoming arrival of next-gen consoles and the triumphant rise of esports amid the COVID-19 pandemic.


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