Disney+ subscribers experiencing connection issues on launch day

Disney+ is experiencing connection issues on its launch day.
Image: Disney

Disney+ launched a few hours ahead of schedule and is now live for subscribers in the United States. Unfortunately, the service’s launch day has been mired by a connection issue that has been reported by many users. Though Disney hasn’t confirmed why this error is occurring, it is almost certainly due to the heavy traffic that the service is facing.

Fortunately, the issue shouldn’t be a long-term problem as the House of Mouse is well-versed in managing widescale product rollouts. Of course, the delay is still a disappointment for those looking to binge a new series like “The Mandalorian” or old favorites.

Users Get an Unexpected Surprise

Countless people (myself included) have been counting down the days until the launch of Disney+. With a promise of generational favorites and new shows that will surely impress all in one place, the service has a lot to offer. As such, many people stayed up all night waiting for its release.

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At first, everything seemed great. Users were able to log in overnight and start watching whatever shows they wanted to without a problem. However, as the majority of east coast users woke up and logged in, things started going downhill.

Currently, many subscribers are getting an error message that reads, “Unable to connect to Disney+. There seems to be an issue connecting to the Disney+ service. Please try again later if the issue persists.”

In true Disney fashion, the page features Ralph and Vanellope from its animated hit “Wreck-It Ralph.”

Disney+ is experiencing connection issues on its launch day.
Image: Disney

It’s Not Ralph’s Fault

Fortunately for the lovable giant, Ralph isn’t to blame for the issue plaguing Disney+ on its launch day. Though Disney won’t release info on how many people are using the service (until its next earnings report) the number will only grow as Tuesday goes on. Likewise, demand will increase every day in the foreseeable future as more people give the service a shot. Perhaps subscribers of Apple’s struggling TV+ will even jump ship.

As such, it’s relieving to know that Disney has teams monitoring its fledgling service around the clock. It is currently working on a fix for the current connection issues. Without knowing for sure, it’s likely that the service will be fully operational by the time people get home from work tonight and sit down on the couch to binge.

The company has plenty of background with large scale rollouts, including its ESPN+ platform. While the sports service isn’t nearly as demanding as Disney+, the media giant is confident that it can handle its SVOD platform. Michael Paull, President of Disney’s streaming services said previously, “We are ready. We’re spending a lot of time planning for this launch.”

While the platform obviously isn’t 100 percent ready, it should be a quick fix for the teams behind the scenes. Unfortunately, for now, there isn’t much else for users to do but wait patiently for a little while longer. For those lucky enough to have their service working, be sure to treasure that great power. Also, please, please don’t spoil “The Mandalorian” for the rest of us.