Disney+ downloaded 41 million times in first 60 days


On January 13, research firm SensorTower reported Disney+ had been downloaded 41 million times since release last November. Moreover, the organization stated the streaming service had generated $97.2 million in revenue since its launch. As such, the entertainment corporation is well on its way to racking up 90 million subscribers worldwide by 2025.

The Remarkable Success of Disney+

Though SensorTower’s data is illuminating, it’s also somewhat limited in scope. The analyst firm’s information about Disney+ comes from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store downloads. As such, the organization didn’t provide information regarding the services downloads through platforms such as Amazon Fire TV or Roku. Nevertheless, the streaming application’s popularity is undeniable.

In Q4 2019, Apple users downloaded Disney+ 18 million times through its App Store. Similarly, 12 million members of the Google ecosystem downloaded the streaming service in the same timeframe. Notably, the studio’s program became the first Google Play app to receive 10 million downloads within a quarter since 2017.

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Thanks to its widespread adoption, Disney+ has already generated significant income. In its first month of release, the app made $53.3 million in sales, followed by 43.9 million in month two. Therefore, the program is responsible for 16 percent of all U.S. streaming-video-on-demand (SVOD) revenue last quarter.

Furthermore, while Disney+ has the majority of its success in the United States, the platform has found traction internationally. Users in Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, and New Zealand have downloaded the app 6.6 million times. Accordingly, consumers in those regions have spent $15.7 million to utilize the streaming service.

Why Disney+ is So Popular

Although many legacy media brands like Viacom and Warner Bros. launched streaming apps in the last five years, none have found the same level successes as Disney+. The entertainment conglomerate succeeded where others struggled due to a few key reasons.

For one thing, the Walt Disney Company loaded its flagship streaming service up with a wealth of appealing content. In addition to its live-action and animated library, the firm’s app includes media from Pixar, Marvel Studios, National Geographic, and 20th Century Fox. Though the platform doesn’t have the same range of material as its biggest competitors, its quality over quantity strategy has done well.

Besides, the corporation didn’t put up any barriers for entry in terms of pricing. At $6.99 a month, Disney+ has a comparable monthly cost to the world’s biggest streaming platforms. Moreover, the firm’s $12.99 bundle that features Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu likely appealed to a wide array of consumer demographics.

Also, Disney made some smart strategic partnerships to promote its new SVOD product. In October, Verizon offered its new and existing unlimited customers a free year of Disney+. Two months later, Google incentivized the public to try the service with its own promotion. The Big Tech giant gave a free three-month subscription to the platform with the purchase of a new Chromebook.

Given the incredible reach of those two corporations, Disney+ came to market with significant consumer awareness.

With its impressive near-term success, Disney+ has a bright future ahead. Indeed, the streaming service will only grow in popularity as it rolls out new and exciting Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe content this year.


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