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Finding a new show to binge during quarantine is harder than ever. You’ve probably re-watched your favorite Netflix show already and Disney+ is almost out of new Star Wars content. Fortunately, a new arrival on Amazon Prime Video should be enough to cure your quarantine boredom.

From Greg Daniels, co-creator of “The Office,” comes “Upload” a look at what would happen if humans could fully upload their consciousness in the afterlife. It merges the dystopian, tech-filled ideas of “Black Mirror” with the philosophic outlooks of “The Good Place.”

Of course, Daniels also includes a healthy dose of comedic relief—something we could all use more of right now.

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Making Tech Funny

“Upload” premiered on Prime Video on May 1 and is already gaining plenty of positive attention from reviewers and fans alike. It might just be the next “Tiger King” that everyone is talking about.

There are plenty of shows out there with tech-savvy writers. Few can match the subtle wit and humor delivered through the characters in the world of “Upload.”

From jokes about working in a digitized future to plot themes revolving around data security, the show puts a fun spin on living in a time where technology rules everything. That includes plenty of quips about microtransactions and their endless presence.

“Upload” tells the story of Nathan Brown (Robbie Amell), a coder who is killed in a car accident. Rather than dying, he choose to upload his mind into Lake View, a pompous digital afterlife where his girlfriend’s grandmother “lives.”

Meanwhile, Nora Antony (Andy Allo) works as a customer support “angel” for Lake View. Though she lives in the real world, she traverses the digital afterlife with a virtual reality (VR) headset. Like Black Mirror’s “Nosedive” episode, her life revolves around a series of rating stars that she earns by helping uploaded clients.

A Perfect Mashup

Very few shows are worthy of the “perfect’ label. “Upload” doesn’t quite fall into that category. It does fall short in a few areas—like its mystery. However, it is a near-perfect mashup of elements from shows that fans already love. It only takes an episode to engage with the characters and become invested in their journey.

“Upload” is a solid, charming watch that can easily be binged in one or two nights. It consists of 10 episodes that are roughly 30 minutes each (other than the 46-minute pilot) which are all available on Prime Video.

For the platform, it is another successful original series. Amazon has had several hits debut on its streaming service, including “The Boys” a superhero series full of dark humor, and “Jack Ryan” a pulse-pounding action series starring John Krasinski of “The Office.”

Although Prime Video is an underdog in the streaming world, it is starting to turn some heads with these impressive original series. “Upload” is definitely worth checking out and will deliver some much-needed laughter to get you through quarantine.

Check out the official trailer for “Upload” in the player below:


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