Pros and cons of developing new technologies and their impact on the environment

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From smartphones to airplanes, from industries to goods and services, we are surrounded by modern technology. On the earth of today, we can’t take a single step without seeing some sort of technical advancement, be it in the form of gadgets or a process.

With rapid progress in the tech-earth, the quality of life has significantly improved. However, like everything else, there are negative impacts of the development of new technology as well. In this article, let us take a look at how developing technologies have affected our lives, the globe, and some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros of New Technology

Improvement in Healthcare

With the help of technology, our healthcare system has flourished. The diseases that resulted in the loss of lives of millions of humans in the past are now treatable. This has increased the overall life expectancy of people. Moreover, for humans who are suffering from chronic diseases, many advancements have been done that have increased the quality of life for them.

Improvement in Communication Systems

Previously, it was hard to imagine talking to a person sitting miles away from you. Nowadays, with the help of the internet, you can connect with humans all over the globe with a device that can fit in the palm of your hands.

Electricity – A Perfect Gift

In the days of yore, our ancestors used campfires to cook and heat their houses. However, now we have electricity and it helps us in a million different ways. It is not only safer than campfires, it is a pretty convenient form of renewable energy as well!

Improvement in the Agricultural Sector

Over the past couple of decades, the working conditions have improved dramatically. Previously, farmers did all the hard work by themselves, using primitive tools and their hands. However, with the development of new environmental technology in developing countries, agricultural machines have reduced the amount of physical work.

Higher Life Expectancy

Various studies have shown that levels of income and technical progress influence the life expectancy of the global population quite significantly. With better healthcare systems, easy access to information and technology, the lives of humans have become richer and better!

The overall living conditions of humans have increased since they can get knowledge and can apply what they have learned to make their lives better.

Mitigation of Hunger and Starvation

With the help of technical tools, we can fight global starvation and hunger. Agricultural processes have been optimized in a way so that we get high crop yields that will reduce hunger issues all over the globe.

Cons of New Technology

As Elijah Schmaltz, a writer at, says, “You will see several research papers promulgating the negative impacts of technology. Think of technology as something that will make your life easier, something that will make the whole earth a better place to live. We need to use technology and innovation with the purpose of making the earth greener.” 


Since the overall production and consumption levels have increased, the global pollution levels have also increased. For example, since there are more industries now, there is a lot more smoke that is polluting the atmosphere as well.

Furthermore, these industries dispose of harmful products in water bodies such as local rivers and lakes that increase water pollution. However, if proper technological developments are done, the level of pollution caused can be reduced significantly.

Destruction of Habitats

To create more space for humans and their needs, several natural habitats have faced destruction that has adversely affected many plants and animals. Large areas have been rendered unsuitable for animals due to the lack of a technological environment and technological advancements.

Ozone Layer Depletion

The only thing that protects us from the harmful impacts of UV rays is the Ozone layer. Due to the excessive usage of pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and the emission of greenhouse gas, we are facing Ozone layer depletion. With the Ozone layer gone, the probability for severe diseases like cancer, skin issues, etc. has increased rapidly.

Extinction and Endangerment of Species

Due to human intervention, several plants and animal species are endangered today while many others have even become extinct. Every day, animals and plants are dying and if we do nothing to stop it, it will have an adverse effect on the planet in the future.


To get more room for farming, industrialization, creating housing facilities, etc., humans have been cutting down and burning large areas of essential forests. This not only leads to global warming, but it also causes a change in the climatic conditions of regions. Forests are the lungs of our earth, and if we do not stop deforestation, the earth is going to choke and eventually die off.

Final Word

Like everything else in the world, there are pros and cons to technology and its usage. There are a lot of positive impacts of the progress that we are making but we need to keep in mind that the use of innovation for the sake of profit maximization and neglecting its impact on our surroundings will have detrimental effects. There is a huge need for developing environmental technology that helps with environmental issues.

Here’s to a greener earth!


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