Positive effects and benefits of technology for children

Child holds iPhone on the couch under the supervision of parents.

Ever wonder what you have to consider before choosing a toy or technology for your child? Before settling for new technology, you need to answer a few questions. For instance, is the product versatile? What are the positive effects and benefits of the technology for the child? Does it expand the child’s creativity? Does the product help the child to grow into a productive and friendly member of society?

If you have the answer to these questions, you are now ready to choose a toy for your child. 

But, the best toys for a 2-year-old may not be enough for your baby anymore, and you start wondering if it’s safe for your kid to use technology, or is it way too soon? Are there any consequences?

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According to a study by OECD, the effects of science and technology depend on the type of technology and its purpose. For instance, a computer is safe for a child using it in a classroom. But, it may have adverse effects when used for other purposes. 

As such, like everything else, technology has its positives and negatives on kids. 

So, what are the benefits of technology for children?

Fostering Creativity

Would you wish to use technology in the classroom? Proper use of technology, especially in the teaching of mathematics, promotes creativity. Using technology pushes students to go beyond addition and subtraction.

Technology enables learners to investigate problems, analyze, and solve them. Today, technology allows your children to go beyond drawing. They can now produce and print out 3D animations. Additionally, children can even program video games and apps. 

Improving Language Skills

Technology is affecting how children live and interact with their environment. Previously, kids were put to bed with a bedtime story. Today, most kids are put to bed using an iPad instead of a bedtime story. 

So, does science and technology affect language acquisition and communication? Is it beneficial or harmful to the way children acquire language?

With proper use, educational technology can help to improve language skills. It allows children to access eBooks and online stories that sharpen their language. You can also get tutorials on pronunciation.

Preparing for the Future

Let’s face it. Irrespective of the career path a child takes, technology will be part of it. If he or she becomes a doctor, they will come across digital medical equipment. 

As a child grows, they learn the basics of communicating online. They also learn how to troubleshoot problems online, navigate them, and find solutions. Thus, they are better placed to be more productive in their workplace in the future.

The basics they learn today also help them to handle future technology developments. 

Training on Perseverance and Life Skills

As kids grow up, they need to learn how to persevere amid difficulties. Some games that kids encounter online train them on perseverance and life skills. Contrary to popular belief, playing video games is not intellectually sedating. The games can help to promote cognitive skills.  

For instance, some online games such as Minecraft, require kids to use their skills to survive. As players find themselves in new and harsh environments, they have to use problem-solving skills to deal with opponents and win. 

Thus, technology exposes kids to situations where they have to set out independently and conquer. In doing so, kids learn how to deal with challenges and obstacles to succeed.

Socializing and Building Relationships

Science and technology are fertile grounds for socialization. Like in other hobbies, kids can connect with others as they engage in video games, Facebook, and other platforms. 

Additionally, kids can build relationships later in life. They can come together as they learn how to code, come up with online games, and so on. 

Connected for the Future’s Sake

Most of the benefits of technology to kids are interconnected. Technology helps a child to grow cognitively and socially. However, their interaction with technology should be regulated. 

Once guidelines are set in place, children will be able to thrive like no other generation prior. The horizon is wide and open, and children certainly are stepping out and up to grasp it via the powerful tool of technology.

Author Bio: Betti Wilson is a freelance author, but, what’s more important, what she is really devoted to, is her children. In her articles, she shares her own experience and writes about parenthood, lifestyle, family challenges and how to deal with them without losing a positive attitude.



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