Make yourself more employable

Make yourself more employable with these tips.

The thought of losing your job is something that frightens many people. Regardless of how stable your position is, uncertainty can creep in. Or, maybe you have a job but are unhappy. You want to switch careers or find another position, but aren’t having any luck. There are many reasons why someone may want to make themselves more employable. It makes sense to make sure you are an attractive candidate no matter what your current work situation.

How’s Your Education?

If you don’t have an undergraduate degree, working on that is a good first step. Whether or not your current position requires a degree, having one makes you more employable should something happen. Earning your degree may qualify you for promotions within your existing company as well. You will also find increased satisfaction from continuing your education. There are many options available in attending school. Part-time classes at a local campus and online options allow you to earn your degree while you continue to work. Don’t let the finances of the situation cause you to hesitate. You can take out student loans through a private lender without a cosigner. These funds will cover tuition and education-related expenses.

Clean Up Your Social Media

These days it’s common for potential employers to check your social media and a quick internet search before making a job offer. Take a good look at what information is available on your social media accounts. Although strict privacy settings can hide things you would rather keep quiet, you never know who is friends with whom. Sometimes a good long-overdue scrub is better than simply adjusting your privacy settings. You can add value to your internet status by contributing to blogs related to your career. Having work-related information show up as the top search results for your name creates a professional internet presence that attracts employers.

Be Prepared for Change

It is normal to complain about a situation and do little, if anything, to change it. The comfort of your familiar position may make it difficult to challenge yourself by searching for a new job. You are indeed facing rejection, or no response at all, or landing the job of your dreams and finding out it isn’t that great. Don’t let that stop you from pursuing new options. Sometimes taking risks are what you need to do to advance in your career. It is easy to stay in one position, doing your job well, for years. You may be content, but you aren’t learning and growing.

Today’s employment landscape is dramatically different than it was even 20 years ago. There is no expectation that you will stay with one employer throughout your entire career. The change may come from a choice you make, but it could just as easily come from your employer. Layoffs, furloughs, and businesses being merged and sold are just some of the ways even the best employees find themselves without a job. If you haven’t kept up on your skills and spent time learning new technology, landing a new position will be a challenge.


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