‘Humanity’ is about to be your most marketable trade skill

Humanity will decide jobs in near future

It’s well understood by now that countless jobs and trade skills are going to be substituted for robotic solutions before long. On top of that, a predicted economic downturn is causing many companies to prepare themselves for the worst.

Millions of people across the globe will be facing possible lay-offs, and a wave of prospective job hunters will soon be hitting the employment market. When they do, their best chance to impress will be to emphasize what makes them stand apart most from any machine—their humanity.

Why the Demand for Trade Skills is Shifting toward Humanity

Artificial intelligence technology has led automation to spread throughout countless industries, and that means many professional skills are in danger of diminishing in value.

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For example, routine labor jobs are currently on the verge of being replaced by automation, and that’s just the beginning. Skilled professions of all kinds are starting to see heavy A.I. integration, such as China’s new artificially intelligent News Anchor.

In turn, employee traits that cannot be replicated by machinery are becoming more desirable. Namely, human skills that are presumed nonreplicable by artificial intelligences, such as creativity, oral communication and collaboration, abstract problem solving, and the like.

Red Flags for the Global Economy

Compounding the incoming job losses due to automation is a predicted economic decline that will impact the world by 2020.

A few of the leading factors are unprepared workforces during a time of rapid technological change, a global rise in inequality, and growing debts and instability in both major governments and corporations.

Some companies are already taking pre-emptive action. For example, General Motors recently laid-off 14,000 employees in North America, and Verizon sent 10,000 employees away with voluntary severance offers.

The Appeal for Humanity

Though these changes will upset the current balance of the global workforce, it isn’t all bad. Human-centric skills that support A.I. systems will inevitably stimulate new methods for companies to innovate and achieve their business initiatives. In other words, we’ll see a new wave of advancements entering the world for everyone to enjoy.

Preparing for the Future

Recent data reinforces the idea that employers are already seeking out candidates who demonstrate problem solving skills, comprehension of data analytics, social media literacy, resilience, and a strong business sense. Soft-skills like these made up the fastest growing skill gap in 2018, and they’re becoming more enticing every day.

As employers consider new hires as long-term investments with intellectual value, rather than work hands—mentors, abstract thinkers, and team-oriented individuals are going to be the most valued members of an organization. The trick for future job candidates, then, is ensuring they bring the right skills to the table.