In the 21st century, information is an invaluable resource. With the proper data, an emerging brand can cement its position within the marketplace. Moreover, firms can use robust analytics to find logistics solutions that will help them outpace their competitors.  However, in a world suffused with metadata, it can be challenging to acquire actionable market intelligence.

One tech startup that can provide that invaluable intel is Axelspace. The firm provides corporations with the global perspective they need to reach their full potential.

The Power of Wide-Area Observation

Founded in 2008, Axelspace provides microsatellite services. In the past, launching monitoring satellites was a profoundly expensive and time-consuming process.


As a result, only large corporations and nation states have the resources to benefit from the insights gained from wide-area observation. However, technological advances have made the production and deployment of small but powerful low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites viable. Today, a company can put one of the firm’s products in space for the same cost as a helicopter.

Axelspace’s microsatellites provide their clients with a range of useful functions. For example, the WNISAT-1R provides forecasting and risk communication service Weathernews with invaluable logistics insights. Its four cameras observe sea ice in the Arctic polar area. The machine then quickly transmits data to the surface via laser technology which allows for safe navigation of the Northern Sea Route.

As such, Weathernews offers its clients intelligence that allows them to transport goods between Japan and Europe 30 percent faster than traditional shipping lanes. Despite weighing less than 100 pounds, Axelspace’s product gives the firm imaging data spanning 31 miles per side. Additionally, since the company doesn’t have to share its microsatellite with any other providers, it has unfettered access to mission-critical weather and terrain data.

Though Weathernews uses its microsatellite for logistics forecasting, Axelspace’s products are multifaceted. For instance, an agricultural firm could use its products to determine optimal harvest times. Furthermore, building companies can use their microsatellites to monitor the integrity of their infrastructural projects.

How the Process Works

Axelspace doesn’t saddle its partners with project-spanning contracts. Instead, it structures agreements around benchmarks. To start, the firm meets the client to determine their specific needs. Following those discussions, the company performs a feasibility study to determine if a microsatellite solution would be viable.

Next, Axelspace begins to develop a process that includes building a prototype to determine if the customer’s microsatellite can perform its necessary functions. The firm then conducts extensive engineering, performance, environmental, and flight research and development. Once those steps are complete, the company prepares a client’s microsatellite for launch and can begin providing crucial observation analytics.

Beyond meeting individual client needs, the startup is developing a global observation system that will significantly expand its range of services.

First launched in 2018, the AxelGlobe initiative aims to place dozens of microsatellites in Earth’s orbit. Once the celestial network has been fully established, Axelspace will be able to provide its clients with sensory data on more than half the world’s dry land. Furthermore, the company’s partners will receive new telemetry daily.

Currently, AxelGlobe is in a development phase which enables customers to subscribe to the service.

Though operating in a nascent field, Axelspace has already received significant outside financial backing. Last December, the startup raised $23 million in Series B funding. With its recent cash injection and innovative product offerings, the firm has everything it needs to fulfill its mission of commodifying the final frontier.

Axelspace will be featured at RISE 2019. Decision-makers interested in harnessing the power of microsatellites to improve their operations should definitely check out their display.

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