Creative ways to boost morale at work


Businesses can’t run effectively if their employees aren’t motivated to put in the work and strive toward success. Low morale can exponentially decrease job performance and employee satisfaction, which can ultimately negatively affect your company.

Every business owner should aim to foster a workplace environment where employees are enthusiastic and excited to show up to work every day. Utopian an idea as this may be, it is possible to achieve with the right practices in place. We’ve come up with 8 creative ways to boost morale at work that you can start putting in place today.

Recognize Personal Milestones

People experience higher morale when they feel that their employers appreciate them as people first and employees second. While this may be difficult to do inside of a workplace setting, it’s an important step for managers and executives to do if you’re at all interested in getting to know the people who work for you.

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Offer More Vacation Days

Though no company executive wants to dole out weeks of paid time off to employees, it does the company a whole lot of good when employee morale is at an all-time high. Nobody wants to feel like they’re shackled to their desks or slaving over their work in order to accrue a few hours of vacation time per month. Find that sweet spot of generosity when it comes to organizing your PTO days—somewhere between 14 and 20 days per year.

Encourage Lunch Breaks

Though the modern workplace is fast-evolving into a space that accounts for the human side of workers, it’s becoming increasingly important for managers and higher-ups to enforce good practices that allow employees to feel like they are being treated with fairness. Research has shown that modern workers are more likely to stay and work at their desks during lunch rather than remove themselves and take a break. Encouraging workers to take that time to breathe, unwind, and enjoy their meal will let them know you value their time and mental health, too.

Give Bonuses

If an employee is going the extra mile to ensure your company stays afloat or to keep clients happy, it may be time to award them with a much-deserved bonus. Hard work should not go unnoticed, and sometimes a pat on the back isn’t quite good enough. If you’re looking to incentivize and reward exceptional work, a monetary bonus is a great way to get employees excited.

Celebrate Birthdays

As we get older, we may feel more remiss to celebrate birthdays, but there are a number of ways you can celebrate outside of corporate gifts and in-office cakes. A paid day off is a great way to allow your employees to celebrate their birthdays with the ones they love, doing the things they love. Not only will they appreciate the company’s ability to recognize the value of a birthday, but they’ll thank you for understanding their need for relaxation on their special day.

Invest in Team Bonding

What is it that bonds your team of employees together? If you’re unable to find an answer outside of their assigned workload, it may be time to invest in team building. If you’re looking to create an environment where your employees are more than just co-workers, creating events where they can become friends will make a world of difference in the long-haul.

Consider a Company Outing

Company outings are an excellent way to reward months of hard work and goal-achieving. You couldn’t have reached the level of success you were aiming for without the help of your devoted employees, so it’s only fair to reward them with a slice of paradise. Whether that’s an international trip to an all-inclusive resort or a trip into town for a day of wine tasting, spending some time out of the office will do everyone a bit of good.

Provide Feedback

Even more ways to boost work morale at the office.

Everybody loves a bit of positive feedback, not only because it makes you feel good about yourself, but it also lets you know that the work you’re putting in is recognized and appreciated. Feedback is an extremely powerful tool to boost the morale of employees who are lacking motivation or seeking validation. In the modern workplace, it’s more common to receive negative feedback than it is to receive positive comments, so a positive note can go a long way for your board of employees.

Your employees are the lifeblood of your company—keeping them happy should always be a top priority should long-term success be in your big-picture goals.