The 3 best things RISE 2019 offers tech startups


RISE 2019 takes place July 8-11 at the Hong Kong Exhibition Centre. The annual event gives tech startups of all kinds the valuable opportunity to engage with thousands of the world’s innovators.

There, some of the brightest minds from the Eastern and Western hemispheres come together to share their ideas. Long-time tech company veterans and budding pioneers alike can leverage incredible learning and networking possibilities at the four-day confab.

Whether a startup wants to generate leads, foster company relationships, or get a look at the latest industry trends, the world-renowned conference offers an engaging, informative experience.

Here are three of the biggest things tech startups can gain by attending RISE this year.


The tech industry is continually evolving, and RISE invites those who are developing tomorrow’s solutions for today’s problems. Speaking on stages and visiting lounges, RISE will host platforms for many of the driving minds behind today’s technologies.

For instance, Uber’s chief technology officer and Spotify’s global head of markets are both presenting their company’s methods for success. Over 250 esteemed speakers are joining them, covering topics from blockchain building to embracing multi-cloud strategies.

New startups will have the chance to learn a lot from these presentations. Along with gaining insightful perspectives, attendees will likely receive knowledge that will influence and improve their company’s forward strategy.


RISE gets coverage from hundreds of journalists who represent major news publications all around the world.

From Forbes and the Economist to BBC and Bloomberg, reporters will be attending in masses to investigate and showcase new innovations. Each of these news outlets is looking for interesting tech topics to talk about, which presents startups with a golden opportunity for media exposure.

Moreover, attendees will meet tech investors, policymakers, company founders, and more key industry figures. Overall, at least 16,000 people are going to visit Hong Kong this year to attend RISE.

Therefore, the global forum gives startups a fantastic chance to make an impression on a large and highly lucrative tech audience. Furthermore, by exhibiting their business products and services, emerging companies can potentially draw in some notable customers and investors.

Peer Advice

Many of the minds behind the world’s technological ecosystem gather under a single roof for this conference.

Beyond showing off what a startup has to offer, RISE is an excellent place for businesses to meet other great startups and enterprises and learn from them. Peers and experts alike can swap valuable advice, experience, and techniques for everything from developing effective production strategies to constructing effective elevator pitches.

By hearing how other companies address issues they encounter directly, startups can learn a lot to apply to their business. Finally, startups can learn even more from competitors by checking out their impressive RISE displays.