What’s Buzzing at CES 2020

Trending at CES 2020
Image: Cody DeBos / The Burn-In

At CES Unveiled, reporters got a glimpse of what tech companies are gearing up to showcase at this year’s conference. Spoiler alert: it’s exciting.

Before the new year, we learned that automatic food prep and robo-pets were going to make a big splash. We’ve since heard rumors of new tech trends and themes that are likely to dominate the headlines in the coming year. 

Startups and established brands alike brought out a slew of innovative and quirky products, many of which already have launch dates. From rotating TVs to smart trash cans, it seems CES 2020 will feature no shortage of game-changing gadgets.

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A Rotating TV for Optimal Video Casting

Samsung is planning to bring a rotating TV to market that can switch back and forth between landscape and portrait orientations with the push of a button. The 4K Sero TV is designed to allow users to watch videos similarly to how they would on social media. 

Viewers will be able to use portrait orientation to cast their smartphone screens and scroll through video feeds or watch recordings as they would on their handheld devices. Geared towards millennials, the 43-inch, QLED Sero TV will function as a seamless smartphone extension for optimal video consumption. 

Next-level Grocery Shopping

DnaNudge wants to help shoppers purchase the best food possible for their unique bodies. The UK-based startup hopes to direct consumers to the items that are best suited for their genetic compositions. 

If DnaNudge’s vision comes true, shoppers would take a quick saliva swab DNA test upon grocery store entry. The test results would integrate with a wearable band that consumers could use to scan items in stores. The band would indicate to wearers which foods are healthy or unhealthy for their bodies. For example, those with high cholesterol would be encouraged to purchase foods with low sodium. 

DnaNudge’s band would also measure physical activity and make purchase recommendations accordingly. The concept is reportedly coming to the U.S. this year after launching in London last November. 

(Almost) Hands-free Garbage Disposal

The Townew trash can save owners the effort of tying up their dirty trash bags when they are ready for disposal. Users only have to push a button to get the self-sealing trash can to tie up a bag and set up a new one.

The $99.95 smart bin is also able to detect when its full and has a top compartment capable of catching overflow items or preventing spills. Although it won’t walk full garbage bags to the curb for you, the Townew trash can certainly reduce the smelliness and messiness of the chore. 

Alexa in the Shower?

Amazon’s Alexa is everywhere these days. In 2020, she will even be in the shower. Kohler announced a new showerhead that comes with a built-in smart speaker. Users will be able to speak to Alexa, play music, and get the news while showering. 

The Moxie showerhead is one of several bathroom tech products that Kohler plans to release in 2020. Many people already love the Numi toilet, which comes with Bluetooth capabilities, heated seats, and foot warmers. For better or for worse, Kohler is making it much easier to spend time in the bathroom.


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