Report: Tesla might release its Model Y earlier than expected


On January 13, Electrek reported Tesla received California Air Resource Board (CARB) certification for its Model Y SUV. Based on the carmaker’s past behavior, the firm could release its hotly anticipated new vehicle before its summer launch window. Also, the corporation’s CARB paperwork suggests its forthcoming automobile could have a longer range than initially advertised.

Tesla Model Y News

Last week, the CARB posted its testing results for the Tesla Model Y, performance all-wheel-drive edition. Notably, the crossover vehicle received an Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule rating of 441.91 miles per charge. Teslarati states that the agency’s finding correlates to a real-world city range of 309 miles.

As such, that version of the Model Y might be able to exceed its advertised range of 280 miles per charge. Moreover, Tesla’s new CARB certification indicates the company might be preparing to release its SUV ahead of schedule.

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When the firm revealed the vehicle to the public last March, CEO Elon Musk pegged its release as autumn 2020. However, the manufacturer subsequently announced its crossover would be available this summer. In addition, industry watcher Alter Vigo noted the Tesla began delivering its first Model 3 sedans 25 days after it received CARB certification back in 2017.

As such, the electric car maker may double down in its recent hot streak by shipping the Model Y earlier than anticipated. While legacy auto brands typically don’t do surprise product launches, Tesla has repeatedly proven it’s a different kind of car maker.

Chinese Model 3s are Selling Well

In other Tesla news, the Fremont, California-based manufacturers Chinese built Model 3 sedans have reportedly become a hot commodity. Local media dispatches indicate the nation’s consumers have flocked to order the battery-powered vehicle. Indeed, one of the firm’s Shanghai stores saw such intense demand, buyers had to line up outside the building to place their preorders.

Teslarati notes the corporation has seen a spike in sales due to its recent pricing adjustments. Ahead of the opening of the firm’s Shanghai-based Gigafactory 3, the company secured a 10 percent purchase tax credit for the Chinese made Model 3. Moreover, Beijing authorized a $3,600 subsidy for consumers interested in buying the popular electric car.

Besides, Tesla also cut the price on its standard edition Sino manufactured Model 3. As such, Chinese motorists can now own one of the firm’s flagship cars for around $42,400. The automaker’s revised pricing strategy has resonated strongly with the Chinese public. The company is reportedly now taking 1,200 orders a day.

Because of the recent surge in demand, Tesla is telling Sino consumers their orders will be fulfilled by the end of the first quarter. However, the firm’s production problems shouldn’t be an issue long-term. Gigafactory 3 is on the cusp of assembling 3,000 new sedans per week.

In Q4 2019, Tesla reported its best quarterly sales ever, with 112,000 vehicles delivered. But thanks to the corporation’s Chinese expansion, it could break its own record in Q1 2020. Especially if the firm surprises the industry and starts rolling out Model Ys within the next two months.


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