15 Tesla Cybertrucks to be used as police vehicles in Mexico

Tesla introduces Cybertruck for $39,900 with a 250 mile range.
Image: Tesla

Although ostensibly designed as a consumer pickup, Tesla’s new Cybertruck is increasingly gaining traction as a municipal utility vehicle. Indeed, on December 2, Electrek reported that Mexico’s Ciudad Valles has pre-ordered 15 new trucks to serve as police vehicles.

The San Luis Potosí municipality is the second community to announce intentions of using Tesla’s Cybertruck for police activity. Late last month, the Dubai Police Department revealed that it preordered the angular pickup to patrol its tourist areas.

Cybertruck on Patrol

Electrek notes that the mayor of Ciudad Valles, Adrián Esper Cárdenas, preordered a fleet of Tesla Cybertrucks because he found the vehicle’s technical specifications impressive. The official stated that Cybertruck’s electric powertrain is more environmentally friendly than the city’s other municipal transports. Ultimately, the city ordered 10 dual-motor Cybertrucks and an additional five tri-motor models.

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Notably, Tesla’s newest vehicle, which goes into production in 2021, has already received more than 250,000 preorders. Many industry observers have stated that Cybertruck’s combination of high performance and an affordable price makes it an appealing buy.

The twin-engine Cybertruck retails for $49,000, gets 300 miles per charge, and has a towing capacity of 10,000 pounds. That version of the transport can also hit 60 miles per hour in 4.5 seconds. Meanwhile, the tri-motor electric pickup, available in 2022, sells for $69,900, has a 500-mile range, and can haul 14,000 pounds. It can also achieve 60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds.

Both iterations of the Cybertruck feature all-wheel-drive and a steel exoskeleton capable of sustaining several sledgehammer whacks with no damage.

Esper Cárdenas said that his city will use the electric pickup for both police and municipal purposes.

Teslas as Police Vehicles

In the past, the world’s police departments have turned to brands like Ford, BMW, and Honda for their transportation needs. As those companies are known for producing cars and SUVs that are durable, fast, and reliable, those partnerships made sense. However, in recent years, law enforcement organizations have increasingly looked to Tesla when supplementing their fleets.

In 2018, the Luxenberg Police Department announced that it would be deploying two Tesla Model S sedans. This April, the Swiss city of Basel added seven Tesla Model X SUVs to its fleet. The municipality bought the electric vehicles to replace seven diesel cruisers as a cost-saving measure. Though the transports are more expensive upfront than traditional patrol cars, they offer lower maintenance and operation costs.

Various law enforcement agencies in the United States have also taken to using Teslas. In 2016, the Los Angeles Police Department retrofitted a Model S to serve as one of its patrol cars. A year later, the Denver Police Department completed a similar conversion so that a Model S could perform community outreach tasks.

Furthermore, this August, the Bargersville, Indiana Police Department brought a Model 3 into its fleet to save an estimated $6,000 a year on gas. Law enforcement in Tesla’s home city of Fremont, California has gotten in on the trend as well. The local PD added a specially outfitted Model S to its vehicular assets to save around $30,000 on fuel over five years.

With the Cybertruck’s tactical enhancements, low cost, and robust performance, it could become the default police cruiser of the future. It certainly has the looks to do so.