Subaru plans to sell only electric cars by mid-2030s

Subaru will only sell electric cars by mid-2030s.

The electric car industry is on the upswing. Led by Tesla, it continues to attract environmentally conscious drivers with battery-powered, high-performance vehicles. As the push to abandon gas continues, more traditional carmakers are hopping on the electric trend so they aren’t left behind in the years to come.

Subaru recently confirmed that it plans to sell only electric cars by the halfway point of the 2030s. Although that seems like an impossibly long time from now, it’s noteworthy that the carmaker is already setting its sights on an all-electric future.

No Gas Allowed

Rumors have been swirling for quite some time that Subaru would start focusing more intently on its electric cars. The company recently confirmed that its Outback, Forester, BRZ, WRX STI, and every other model it makes will either become electric or be removed by the middle of the 2030s.

As of now, the Japanese carmaker doesn’t have any all-electric vehicles in its lineup. The 2020 Crosstrek Hybrid is the closest thing it has to a gas-free model. It’s extremely ambitious that Subaru wants to make such a sweeping change to its fleet. Given the 15-year timeline, it is realistic but will take plenty of forward-thinking and innovation.

Of course, the change to electric isn’t going to happen overnight. Currently, Subaru is collaborating with Toyota, who owns an 8.7 percent stake in the company, to create a pair of electric cars. The duo is expected to release sometime during the 2020s, but specific details are unknown at this time.

In the meantime, Subaru’s short-term goal is to have at least 40 percent of its annual sales be hybrid and electric cars by 2030.

The carmaker’s chief technology officer, Tetsuo Onuki, says, “Although we’re using Toyota technology, we want to make hybrids that are distinctly Subaru. It’s not only about reducing CO2 emissions. We need to further improve vehicle safety and the performance of our all-wheel drive.”

Anyone familiar with the Subaru brand knows that it places a high emphasis on safety. Considering that Tesla’s electric cars are some of the safest on the road, the company may want to take notes when upgrading its fleet.

Embracing the Past, Looking to the Future

Along with safety, Subaru has defined its cars for decades with powerful all-wheel-drive capabilities. Despite making the switch to electric, it’s clear that the company intends to continue improving this aspect of its vehicles.

Subaru joins several other major automakers who are also pursuing a greener tomorrow. Jeep recently announced that it plans to offer electric hybrid versions of its Wrangler, Renegade, and Compass during the 2021 model year.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen pledged to produce more than 1.5 million electric vehicles by 2025. It plans to back up that ambitious number with an automated robotic system that can recharge electric vehicles in parking lots while owners are away from them.

Regardless of which brand consumers choose to patronize, the fact that major carmakers are stepping up and leading the charge for electric vehicles is inspiring. By teaming up to create a cleaner future, drivers and the car industry can make a big difference with electric cars.


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