Samsung may unveil a truly bezel-free TV at CES 2020

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Televisions of today don’t even slightly resemble those found in homes just ten years ago. Even TVs that are just five years old look clunky and outdated compared to those on sale today. Samsung is reportedly preparing to take another step forward in TV design by unveiling a bezel-free model at January’s CES 2020.

Those watching TV on a model that is 65 inches or larger might not be too concerned about bezels. After all, these sets typically have tiny borders and a crisp display that distracts your eyes from them. Nonetheless, a truly bezel-free TV would be a big step forward for the industry and once again reshape the idea of what televisions look like.

Still Leading the Way

It’s hard to dispute the fact that Samsung is leading the way among TV makers when it comes to innovation. Other companies are finding it difficult to keep up with what Samsung is putting into the market.

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However, innovation doesn’t always equal success with consumers. Despite the fact that Samsung has unveiled some truly impressive tech many of its latest TV advances have fallen flat. For example, its 3D TVs of the early-mid-2010s had high expectations but quickly fizzled out as consumers and broadcast companies never caught on. Likewise, its curved OLED TVs found a limited market that was almost instantly saturated.

At CES 2020, Samsung will try to spark a new wave of innovation with a bezel-free TV. As of this writing, the company hasn’t confirmed what its plans are for the tech conference. However, CES tends to be its favorite time to unveil new TVs. Several rumors, leaks, and hints also point to the fact that Samsung is expected to show off its bezel-free TV next week.

For one, the company trademarked the phrase “Zero Bezel” as a brand name earlier in 2019. Meanwhile, a report from sources at The Elec (a popular South Korean news outlet) claims that the TV will make an appearance at CES. One developer who supposedly worked closely on the project said, “Unlike other so-called ‘zero-bezel’ products that actually still had [have] bezels, this product really doesn’t have a bezel.”

When Will the Zero Bezel TV Be Revealed?

Again, Samsung hasn’t officially stated that it plans to announce its bezel-free TV at CES. Nonetheless, it continues to tease fans and conference attendees. On Monday, it tweeted a video for its January 6 event. It shows an empty shape with the phrase “The Age of Experience.”

The keynote event will take place prior to the tech conference’s official January 7 start date. Most attendees will already be in Las Vegas by then anyway. Whether or not the so-called Age of Experience has bezels will remain a mystery for a few more days. If the TV will be unveiled, it will almost certainly be at the keynote.

Samsung is also planning to unveil products like new solid-state drives and possibly some new computer monitors. CES is always a big time for the company so it’s safe to expect some surprises as well.

Samsung’s CEO Hyun-seok Kim will deliver the keynote for his company at 6:30 p.m. local time in the Venetian’s Palazzo Ballroom.


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