Samsung phones preinstall Facebook, can’t be removed by users

Samsung preinstalls Facebook app, can't be deleted

Often times, smartphones and computers come preloaded with software (“bloatware”) that new owners prefer to discard. However, certain companies, like Samsung, don’t allow some applications to be deleted. To the dismay of many, the Facebook app is one of the few protected on the Galaxy S8 and other Samsung devices.

Disabled, Not Deleted

According to Bloomberg, the Facebook app can only be disabled, not deleted, from certain Samsung phones. Although disabling an app prevents it from collecting data, many users find it concerning that the social media platform can’t be completely removed from their devices. It’s unknown exactly how many Samsung phone versions implement this protection.

Because of Facebook’s rough last few years, users have felt particularly compelled to distance themselves from the company’s data collection practices. Unfortunately for buyers, Samsung doesn’t notify customers when their devices come with third-party apps, like Facebook. Adding fuel to the fire is a recent Financial Times study that reports many Android apps send data to Facebook without obtaining user consent.

Pre-Installed Software Not A New Concept

Pre-installing software applications isn’t a new practice for tech manufacturers. Many companies, including Sony, LG, and AT&T, have similar arrangements with app developers. The biggest exception to this, of course, is Apple which doesn’t preload any third-party apps on its iPhones.

Overall, users are growing more aware of what is included in their new devices out of the box. One of the most popular smartphones today, the Galaxy S9, comes with Facebook, Amazon, and Google apps already installed. Twitter is also installed on certain devices, although the company claims it doesn’t collect data when users are logged out of their accounts.