Samsung to release revamped Galaxy Fold in September

AT&T cancels all Samsung Galaxy Fold orders
Image: YouTube | Samsung

On Wednesday, Samsung announced that it would finally release its Galaxy Fold smartphone this fall. Without addressing its disastrous near launch in April, the firm noted it made several improvements to the flexible mobile device. Accordingly, the South Korean electronics company will release the long-delayed Fold sometime this September “in select markets.”

Galaxy Fold Improvements

In a press release, Samsung explained how it fixed the Galaxy Fold’s many design flaws. The firm redesigned its “Infinity Flex Display” to extend past the bezel. As such, users won’t be tempted to remove the polymer layer under the mistaken belief that it’s a factory screen protector. In April, several reviewers mistakingly tore off the display which caused the smartphone to malfunction.

The corporation also revealed its engineers have reinforced the device to keep particulate matter from slipping into its inner workings. One reviewer found, two days into their evaluation, that something had become lodged between the phone’s screen and hinge. Subsequently, the device’s interface glitched then permanently shut off. As a result, consumers should be able to buy the phone without worrying that it will be unsafe in environments like pockets, tables, or purses.

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Besides, Samsung made changes to the Fold’s form factor to make it more durable. The manufacturer’s designers have placed metal layers beneath the Infinity Flex Display to make it stronger. They’ve also reduced the space that used to exist between the device’s hinges and body to make it sturdier.

Furthermore, the conglomerate noted it’s made improvements to the Galaxy Fold’s user interface without getting into specifics. The firm indicated it is still performing tests on the mobile device to ensure that its September launch goes off without a hitch.

The Verge confirmed that Samsung isn’t passing its emergency research and development costs on to consumers. At launch, the firm will price the Galaxy Fold at $1,980 as previously announced.

‘Embarrassing’ Failed Product Launch

While Samsung’s updates to the Galaxy Fold all look promising, the company will need to work hard to win back consumer confidence. Without hyperbole, the flexible smartphone’s aborted April launch is one of the most stunning failed product releases of the new century.

When Samsung first announced it was releasing a foldable device, the firm made it clear it intended the cell phone to be its new mobile flagship. At a November 2018 launch event, CEO Koh Dong-jin predicted his company would ship 1 million Folds within a year. From then until this spring, the corporation did an admirable job building excitement for its hybrid phone-tablet device.

Indeed, AT&T sold out of the batch of Fold’s it reserved for presale.

However, the company’s ambitions to revolutionize the mobility industry came crashing down in late April. Samsung sent out multiple review units of the Fold week before it would be available for sale. Unfortunately, several tech reporters and device reviewers noted the foldable smartphone has several critical design flaws.

Within days, the conglomerate indefinitely delayed the flexible smartphone’s launch. Following two months of silence from Samsung, AT&T canceled all of its Galaxy Fold preorders. Earlier this month, Koh Dong-jin publicly took responsibility for the “embarrassing” failed release.

The executive explained he pressed his team to get the device out before its competitors could release rival products. As a result, the company apparently eschewed its usual quality standards and almost put a defective product on sale.

Now, the corporation has two months to convince consumers the Fold is both really coming out and not going to break instantly. Given everything that happened, Samsung has quite the task ahead of it. Indeed, T-Mobile told the Verge on Thursday it won’t be selling the revamped Galaxy Fold.