Samsung Galaxy Fold to debut in Europe, Asia in two weeks


After months of delays and false starts, Samsung is gearing up to release the Galaxy Fold. On Thursday, the firm announced that the flexible smartphone would go on sale in South Korea on September 6. Furthermore, the electronics giant notes that the heavily promoted device will be available for purchase in France, Germany, Singapore, and the United Kingdom on September 16.

The company also plans to release the Galaxy Fold in the United States “in the coming weeks.”

New and Improved

When Samsung initially tried to launch the Fold in April, the company ran into a series of prerelease problems. Reviewers and technology journalists found that the device had several serious design flaws. Most notably, many users mistook the device’s polymer display for a screen protector and destroyed test models by peeling it off. Plus, the original Fold’s design left gaps in its form factor that allowed debris to slip underneath the display.

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After that debacle, Samsung CEO DJ Koh called his company’s Galaxy Fold launch “embarrassing” and vowed to fix the smartphone’s flaws. In late July, the firm announced that it had revamped the device. The new and improved flexible smartphone features a sealed display, a closed-off form factor, and a reinforced hinge.

In a press release, Samsung detailed further improvements it made to the device. For one, the company unveiled a new advanced technical support feature for the phone called “Galaxy Fold Premier Service.”

With it, owners can receive help and advice from the firm’s experts anytime day or night. Moreover, the service features a “one-on-one onboarding session” that will presumably help consumers avoid the immediate destruction of their new $2,000 smartphone.

Samsung notes that customers will gain access to the Premier support program just by purchasing the Fold.

Lastly, the South Korean conglomerate noted that its would-be flagship will come in both 4G and 5G iterations at launch. However, Samsung also stated that the Galaxy Fold 5G version will only be available in certain regions.

Should Consumers Buy the Galaxy Fold?

With the flexible smartphone finally for release, the question now is whether or not consumers should buy the Galaxy Fold.

On one hand, the smartphone did have one of the most disastrous product launches in recent history. The fact that the corporation initially rushed the device to market to beat its competitors makes its quality suspect. Moreover, even if Samsung fixed the Fold’s mechanical problems, the fact that it is still the first generation of a new species of smartphone suggests that software issues are a possibility.

On the other hand, early reviews indicate that Samsung has truly resolved all of the problems that hobbled the original Galaxy Fold. The Verge says the revamped device feels more durable and functional than the first version. Engadget stated that the flexible smartphone feels “less like a prototype and more like a finished product.” Plus, Digital Trends hailed the Fold for offering buyers a “simply better” mobile internet browsing experience.

While it remains one of the more expensive handsets available, the reimagined Galaxy Fold aims to live up to its marketing as a game-changing smartphone. For power users and early adopters, the device might be worth checking out. For everyone else, it may be better to wait and see how the phone holds after its wide release.