Samsung cancels US Galaxy Fold pre-orders, gives store credit

Samsung's Galaxy Fold smartphone is launching in some locations this September.
Image: YouTube | Samsung

It appears that U.S. consumers hoping to get their hands on a Samsung Galaxy Fold will have to keep waiting. Last week, the company canceled Fold pre-orders for customers across the country.

Samsung’s highly anticipated new model, the Galaxy Fold, has had a bumpy ride to release. The new smartphone model was sent out to reviewers earlier this year and many returned with consistently troubling reports of damage. Seemingly removable pieces turned out to be not-so-removable and countless screens broke. In response, the company decided to indefinitely delay the original April 25 release of its $1,980 smartphone. Three months later, it was reported that most of these problems were worked out. On September 6, the Galaxy Fold finally went on sale in South Korea.

Unfortunately for U.S. consumers, the trouble surrounding this model isn’t over quite yet. While customers located in Singapore, the U.K., France, and Germany will have access to the Galaxy Fold on September 18, U.S. release dates have yet to be confirmed.

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Samsung’s Explanation for Canceling Pre-Orders

Samsung’s stated reasoning behind this move is to better, “rethink the entire customer experience” for its U.S. customers.

In an email sent to everyone who had their pre-order canceled, the company explains that it intends to readdress all aspects of the Galaxy Fold. This includes its purchasing process, unboxing experience, and even the additional services surrounding the device. At the same time, it’s also worth noting that Samsung recently announced an upcoming Galaxy Fold Premier Service for the phone. This could be playing a part in the delay.

Why the company is especially hesitant toward the U.S. market isn’t entirely clear. However, the move isn’t all bad news. Anyone who previously pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold is being sent a $250 store credit to the Samsung store as consolation.

So, while it might take a little longer for U.S. users to get their hands on the Galaxy Fold, they will do so at a slight discount when the time arrives.

What’s next for the Galaxy Fold in the U.S.?

It’s rumored that the Galaxy Fold has a tentative U.S. release date of September 27, but nothing is certain.

As of now, Samsung hasn’t reopened the option for customers to place new pre-orders. This means that anyone anticipating the release of the Galaxy Fold should keep a diligent eye out in the coming days. If that September 27 prediction proves to be accurate, there won’t be much time for new pre-orders to be placed.