Samsung acquires TeleWorld Solutions to bolster 5G infrastructure

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The age of 5G mobile technology is right around the corner. Some would argue that it is already here. While some carriers have begun rolling out 5G coverage and smartphone manufacturers are releasing devices that support the protocol, the majority of consumers still aren’t ready to upgrade.

Fortunately, that gives telecom providers more time to prepare for the mass adoption of 5G that is expected to occur within the next few years. Samsung is now making a move to bolster its 5G position by acquiring TeleWorld Solutions (TWS), a telecommunications company that provides wireless networking and consulting services. It intends to utilize the smaller firm’s 5G offerings to build out its U.S.-based network projects.

Mutual Agreement

TeleWorld Solutions is based in Virginia and offers a variety of network-related services to business clients. Samsung announced via a company press release on Monday that it has completed the acquisition of the firm.

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The deal will make TWS a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung. As such, it will continue to offer its network consulting services to its existing clients. The financial details of the transaction aren’t available at this time.

Samsung’s executive vice president, Paul Kyungwhoon Cheun, notes that “Samsung will continue to drive innovation in communications technology, while providing optimization services for network deployments that accelerate U.S. 5G network expansion.”

Considering that the deal was just struck, it’s not yet clear exactly how Samsung intends to use TWS’s services. However, it will likely exclusively focus on the 5G side of things as it has far less interest in some of the company’s other offerings.

Enhanced Networks

In the coming years, 5G technology will gradually replace the existing LTE protocols that are currently in place both in the United States and abroad. The more efficient connection will offer consumers and businesses higher speeds and better coverage. It is faster than what was once considered the prime example of Internet connectivity—Ethernet. Meanwhile, 5G runs between 10 and 100 times faster than a 4G LTE connection.

As of right now, the only problem is that 5G coverage is still spotty. This makes it an inconvenience for some customers. For others, upgrading to cutting edge devices for mediocre coverage isn’t worth it.

This has led to a surge in the development of 5G technology with companies all over the world pitching in. Ultimately, it is a race to see who will dominate the next generation of mobile network technology.

Samsung’s acquisition of TeleWorld Solutions will allow it to build up its existing portfolio of 5G solutions. It also helps open the door for new ones.

Kyungwhoon Cheun confirmed that as part of the company’s statement. He said, “The acquisition of TWS will enable us to meet mobile carriers’ growing needs for improving their 4G and 5G networks, and eventually create new opportunities to enhance our service capabilities to our customers.”

As society prepares to cross the threshold of widespread 5G technology, it’s important that major industry leaders like Samsung continue to pave the way with new innovations. Thanks to this most recent acquisition it appears that the company intends to do just that.


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