How to write the best resume for Artificial Intelligence and robots

Getting around ATS resume readers.

More and more job applicants need to persuade Artificial Intelligence (AI) of their qualities before they can reach the interview stage for a vacant position. It is AI that regularly reads resume submissions which makes the job of writing a resume somewhat different from years ago. AI will be looking for keywords and phrases in the resume in order to find the candidates best suited to the position that is available. Where a company has some very successful employees, it may be that AI is looking for similarities between an application and the resumes that those employees had submitted, and the latter’s development once they joined the company.

This is not an exact science and its success is a subjective opinion. Nevertheless, it is something that job applicants need to consider when presenting a resume for “inspection.” It begs the question as to whether the most able of people need help to fashion their resume in such a way that it will trigger a positive response from the robot reading it.

What Artificial Intelligence Prioritizes

Companies looking to recruit rarely understand the processes that AI follows, and do not really need to as long as they are persuaded that it works effectively to fill important vacancies. An added advantage of artificial intelligence is that it can identify an applicant that is suitable for another possible vacancy within a company, a vacancy for which the candidate is unaware.

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Given AI is a reality, it makes absolute sense to employ any of the top 5 resume writing services to make adjustments to any existing resume to get AI approval. Alternatively, a good writer will start from scratch to lay out a resume in the best way, highlighting the things that will get a positive response.


It may seem obvious that no one will get past AI without having the necessary skills for the vacancy. That does not mean that skills alone will give an applicant the chance to get to the next stage. Specific words and phrases are still important with professional resume writers understanding them without having to refer to search engines. A cloud generator will identify them for example should you wish to research for yourself. It is important not to underestimate the importance of skills that can be repeated throughout the resume.

Applicant Characteristics

There are reasons why similarly qualified applicants will stand out against each other. They include evidence that an applicant has shown the ability to work well within a team in the past, can create good relationships with co-workers and business contacts. Communication skills have never been as important before.

6 Tips on the Resume Itself

The resume itself must be clear and well laid out. Here are some tips to improve how it should appear to AI and potential employers when they are finally read by humans.

  • Microsoft Word is far more preferable than producing a PDF, using HTML or anything else. Microsoft Word is easily scanned by all AI programs. Anything that is not easily scanned is likely to be ignored. That includes such things as logos and other imagery.
  • Your employment history should be listed in reverse order, your most recent, or current employment, first. Anything within that history that directly relates to the position you are currently seeking should be highlighted first, best in bullet points.
  • Keywords within the job should be used in the prepared resume and they are likely to involve job responsibilities and experience. Skills can be a separate section, though not necessarily. If you show that you have outside interests and achievements, that will always show that you are a rounded character potentially suitable for a position in the company “team.”
  • Employment successes in reaching goals, managing budgets, or successfully reaching targets are important within your resume. They again demonstrate how effectively you can work.
  • Your resume needs to be job application specific, amended each time it is used where appropriate. Changes may be minimal, even subtle, but they can make a difference.
  • Do not use the header or footer for information; the AI program may not read it and thereby some important detail can be missed.

AI Resume Readers are Here to Stay

Artificial Intelligence is a valuable resource that is widely used. By definition, it is able to sift the good from the not so good when it comes to reading resumes and creating a shortlist. If you want to succeed with a job application, you should master the requirements of AI or engage someone with the knowledge to do it for you. It is not cheating. After all, it is you who will have to do the job if you succeed.

Author bio: Alina Burakova is a very experienced writer and researcher who can initiate a reader’s interest in a given subject. She often turns her attention to in-depth analysis in the spheres of modern technology and artificial intelligence and the impact they are making in the modern world.


  1. Excellent article. In addition to creating a resume that will pass an applicant tracking system scan, a professional resume writing service will also produce a resume that will be appealing to humans… the hiring manager who makes the decision whether or not to interview a candidate.

    In pursuit of the perfect resume that will pass AI driven scans, some people forget that the hiring manager is the ultimate test.


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