Qualcomm reveals next generation car computer chip at CES

Qualcomm introduces 3rd generation chip at CES

Qualcomm made waves at CES 2019, the annual trade show for tech consumers in Las Vegas, Nevada. At CES, the Qualcomm team covered 5G prospects, market growth in 2019, and the company’s latest innovation: The 3rd Generation Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platform.

The Burn-In predicted that automotive implements would be a highlight of CES 2019, and Qualcomm fulfilled that thoroughly with its latest invention.

An All-encompassing Auto Chip

The latest generation of chips for a vehicle’s console has more features than ever before. The chips are sold from one of three tiers: Performance, Premiere, and Paramount.

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Each of the three tiers of chips features detailed graphical interfacing, multimedia, computer vision, and artificial intelligence capabilities.

The new platforms are also optimizable in an integrated system of other Qualcomm technologies, like the multi-core AI Engine and Spectra Image Signal Processor. This integration is an answer to what the company calls “the domain convergence of infotainment and instrumentation systems.”

Not limited to integration with other Qualcomm offerings, the new platforms also support Android and LINUX software. Overall, the design of the Automotive Cockpit Platform is geared toward flexibility, letting manufacturers and end-users create the in-vehicle experiences they want. Voice activation, multi-mode cellular connectivity, Wi-Fi 6, and Bluetooth support also come with the packages.

Qualcomm Diversifies

Last year, Singapore-based Broadcom Inc tried to buy San Diego-based Qualcomm in a $117 billion bid that would have been one of the largest corporate mergers ever. The move was stopped by the Trump administration in May due to national security concerns, as part of the government’s aim to maintain domestic tech.

Following the failed Broadcom merger, Qualcomm was cut off by Chinese regulators in July of that year from buying China-based NXP Semiconductors for $44 billion.

Following both of the failed mergers, investors sought better news from within the company. The NXP merger was intended in part to diversify Qualcomm’s offerings, and with its failure came the need for new offerings direct from Qualcomm.

The 3rd Generation Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platform positions Qualcomm to have an edge as automated vehicles continue to rise in demand.

CES 2019 Positive News Offset by Antitrust Suit

CES sees a host of new inventions each year. The annual event hosted by the Consumer Technology Association sees more than 100,000 visitors, with tens of thousands of those visitors being exhibitors themselves of the latest tech innovations.

It was amid this throng of novel ideas that Qualcomm stood out with Generation 3 of the Automotive Cockpit Platform. However, the good news did not last long, as the company stock was offset by new headlines in the ongoing Federal Trade Commissions antitrust suit against Qualcomm.

Last Friday, Qualcomm’s CEO testified that the company paid Apple $1 billion to support Apple’s transition to Qualcomm chips in 2011. Also, more recently, Apple’s COO testified Monday that Qualcomm refused to provide Apple with chips for its phones following Apple’s 2017 lawsuit against the company.