Planty Cube vertical farming systems may revolutionize agriculture

Planty Cube vertical farms help farmers everywhere grow food year-round.
Image: n.thing

Farming is one of the oldest occupations of them all. Although ancient farmers used nothing but their hands and crude tools to grow food, today’s farmers have a wealth of technology at their disposal. Now, an innovative system called Planty Cube is about to sweep the ground out from underneath farming—literally.

It comes from the agriculture tech-focused startup n.thing. Planty Cube harnesses vertical farming technology and a smart environment control system to produce higher yields and enable year-round growing. The innovative approach to farming could have a big impact on the agricultural industry.

Smart Hydroponics

On the outside, Planty Cube looks a lot like a shipping container. However, inside the rectangular box is a smart network that maintains a perfect environment for growing plants and vegetables. Stacked rows of planters line each wall. Each of them is outfitted with a smart seed capsule where the crops are planted.

These operate on hydroponic principles to grow produce without soil. Instead, a nutrient solution is pumped through a system that nourishes the plants.

Growers are able to adjust the composition of the solution to cater to the needs of the crops they are growing. For example, it could be altered to produce low-potassium vegetables for those with kidney disease.

Along with the hydroponic system, an LED array provides the right type of light for plants to grow. This promotes the natural photosynthesis process without the need for additional sunlight. Meanwhile, Planty Cube’s closed system automatically maintains the rest of the environment for optimal growing. It alters things like the temperature, humidity level, and even prevents pests from damaging the crops.

Planty Cube lets farmers grow things year-round. This is a huge advantage for growers in less favorable climates. It also allows them to alter the conditions of their farm from anywhere by connecting to the CUBE Cloud.

Agricultural Advancement

Although Planty Cube sounds like something that would only be used on a mission to Mars, it is actually perfect for a variety of Earth-based applications. For instance, places like restaurants and hotels could easily start growing their own food supply without acres of land.

Since the system is based on vertical farming, it is scalable to meet the needs of each individual grower. You can start with one unit and add more as necessary. This helps cut back on the entry cost and enables farmers to get started rather easily.

Each Planty Cube is also helping make the entire system better for everyone. As plants grow, data about the process is automatically fed back into the CUBE Cloud. Here, AI analyzes it to help determine the optimal growth conditions for various plants. In time, this will make Planty Cube units easier to manage for new farmers and allow experienced ones to find even more success.

Although vertical farming isn’t going to catch on right away, it may be an ideal solution to the world’s growing food problem. By 2050, the Earth’s population is expected to reach 10 billion people. There simply isn’t enough farmland to produce food for that many humans. Vertical farming is a far healthier solution than trying to enhance yield with genetic modification (another leading strategy).

As such, Planty Cube could be at the forefront of a budding international trend as people seek out ways to grow more food with fewer resources.


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