launches real-time transcription for Google Meet video calls

251's new Chrome extension brings real-time transcription to Google Meet.

Anyone dealing with frequent video calls knows that it can be challenging to remember everything that is said. This is especially true when the calls include a lot of participants or last for a long time.

Fortunately, there is a new way to make sure you don’t miss anything from your video calls., an automated transcription service that made waves in 2020, has a new Chrome extension that records notes in real-time during Google Meet conferences. This is similar to the feature that Otter already offers for Zoom.

As people and organizations diversify their use of videoconferencing tools to include different platforms, having live transcription available for multiple services is essential.

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Helpful Extension

Back in April, The Burn-In reported that had rolled out a real-time transcription service for Zoom calls. Given the fact that Zoom was experiencing a massive uptick in usage due to the pandemic, the news was widespread. Although the startup’s new Chrome extension does roughly the same thing for Google Meet calls, it isn’t getting as much attention.

Perhaps that is because videoconferences are now a part of daily life for most people. Or, perhaps it’s because Google’s Meet platform isn’t used as widely as Zoom.

Either way, the new extension delivers a handy feature for Meet users. The fact that Otter is making the extension compatible with all of its plans makes it even better. That includes its free tier, meaning that Meet users can get real-time translation without spending a dime. The integration is fitting since Google Meet is now free for all users as well.

How to Setup for Chrome

Getting started with’s new extension is easy. First, users need to download the extension from the Chrome Web Store. From there, they’ll need to go to Google Meet and click on the extension’s icon in Chrome’s toolbar. If the icon isn’t showing, click the puzzle piece to pull up a list of all installed extensions.

Once you’re in a Google Meet call, tap on the Otter extension and hit “record.”

This triggers Otter’s real-time translation and provides a live text copy of the conversation. Those who don’t necessarily want a saved recording of their meeting can utilize Otter’s closed captions feature. It’s worth noting that Google Meet already offers closed captioning. As such, installing the extension simply for that feature isn’t necessary.

Making Life Easier

Aside from the new Chrome extension, offers an intuitive platform that makes life easier in today’s world of remote work and education. The startup uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create highly accurate transcriptions of both live and pre-recorded videos.

For anyone dealing with meetings that give them more information than they can keep up with, is very useful.

It seems that the company’s sweet spot is being integrated with existing services. By making its real-time transcription features more accessible to users while they’re already in a video call, Otter positions itself for success.


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