Motorola delays Razr folding smartphone due to high demand

Motorola's folding Razr smartphone is getting delayed due to high demand.
Image: Motorola

Just a week out from the start of preorders for its folding Razr smartphone, Motorola is hitting the pause button. On Friday, the manufacturer announced that it is delaying Razr’s release. It wouldn’t be outlandish to assume that the delay is due to a production line problem or quality issue like the one Samsung experienced surrounding the release of its Galaxy Fold.

However, Motorola is pushing back the Razr’s debut for a different reason—soaring demand. The smartphone maker says that it has received “unparalleled excitement and interest from consumers” and that the production requirements have outgrown its supply chain.

Razr’s launch timing is currently being readjusted to make the phone available for more consumers.

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New Launch Date Pending

As of now, it isn’t clear when Motorola plans to release Razr. Otherwise, things will move forward as anticipated. The company will still offer a brief presale window prior to the phone’s launch. Those who want to get their hands on a Razr once it releases will need to keep a close eye on things. Due to the supply chain inadequacies and reportedly soaring demand, this will be a device that sells out fast.

Razr preorders were originally scheduled to begin on Christmas Day with the phone hitting store shelves on January 9. The new delay pushes that timeline back indefinitely as Motorola works to figure out a way to meet the higher than expected demand. The smartphone maker says that it doesn’t anticipate “a significant shift” from the original launch timeline. Exactly how much of a setback the delay will cause remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, it might still look bad considering the fact that neither of the other two folding smartphones on the market today had smooth launches. Consumers may easily overlook the fact that Razr is delayed due to supply issues rather than technical difficulties. Nonetheless, Motorola is insistent that the speed bump is not because it needs to make changes to the phone’s design.

What is the Motorola Razr?

If the name Motorola Razr sounds familiar, that’s probably for a good reason. The company originally released a flip-phone with the same name back in 2004. It instantly became a crowd favorite.

Using the Razr brandUsing the Razr brand for its first folding smartphone is apparently turning out to be a wise move for Motorola. The phone delivers all the nostalgia one would hope for in a folding phone while also boasting an array of modern features. A 6.2-inch flexible pOLED display is the highlight of the device and folds shut when it isn’t needed. It’s worth adding that the snap is just as satisfying as the original.

Meanwhile, a secondary screen on the back side is also high-definition and much more helpful than the original’s tiny display. Internally, Razr has a Snapdragon 710 processor and a lackluster 2,510 mAh battery. Though its specs are impressive, they do come with a $1,500 price tag. Even so, compared to the other two folding smartphones on the market today (from Samsung and Huawei), Razr is the “cheapest” option.

Aside from when it will be available, the biggest question about Razr is how it stands up to prolonged use. For now, consumers will have to stay patient for an answer to both questions.



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