Microsoft’s Edge Chromium to launch January 15 with new logo

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At this point, it’s fairly obvious that Google Chrome has gobbled up the browser market and has a stranglehold on it. Even so, Microsoft isn’t giving up. On Monday, the company announced that it’s new Edge Chromium browser will debut on January 15 for Windows 7, 8, and 10 as well as macOS.

The refreshed browser will also feature a new logo that helps separate it from the Internet Explorer image it currently has. Meanwhile, Microsoft, in line with its current practices, will aim the browser at business clients rather than general consumers.

Business Focus

In recent years, Microsoft has focused its efforts on business customers and university clients. From its Office 365 suite to Outlook integrations for co-workers, focusing on the business side of things has kept the company in powerhouse standing within the tech world. Microsoft’s latest release will aim to sway corporate customers away from Google’s platform.

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Yusuf Mehdi, head of Microsoft’s modern life division says, “Today marks an important milestone as we head to the formal launch of Microsoft Edge and Bing for our commercial customers in January. As we enter the new year, we are excited to share more about how we will expand opportunities for developers, and later in the Spring even more for consumers.”

The Edge update will bring with it several features that are specifically geared towards business users. For one, typing in the address bar on a computer connected to company intranet will bring up results for co-workers, floor plans, and office locations. These features come as part of Microsoft Search—a new system built into Edge.

Having the combination of intranet and Internet searches in the same app could be a helpful tool for business users that rely on both.

Looking Good

While the business-oriented features of the new Edge are certainly exciting, consumers are even more excited about the cosmetic changes. While the actual user interface of Edge will remain largely the same (and still look a lot like Windows 10) the logo is getting a much-needed update.

When the browser first came out, its “E” icon confused users. Many believed it was simply an updated version of Internet Explorer. The now long-outdated browser carries a negative connotation for being slow and clunky. As such, it makes sense that Microsoft wants to move away from that image despite the fact that it has been used for more than 20 years.

The updated version of Edge will have a wave-like logo that is a refreshing departure from the previous “E” design.

GIF: Microsoft

For users hoping to get a taste of what Edge will look like moving forward, Microsoft has a “release candidate” debuting today. It will highlight the main features slated to appear in January’s stable release. The release candidate will also include tracking protection and syncing of passwords, browsing history, and favorites across devices and platforms.

The download is available via Microsoft’s Edge Insider website.