Mercedes-Benz’s 56-inch Hyperscreen display is the future of in-car tech

The new Mercedes-Benz Hyperscreen is a look at the future of in-car tech.
Image: Mercedes-Benz

Today’s cars look drastically different than vehicles from even 10 years ago. They are outfitted with the latest technology to elevate driving into a fully immersive experience. One of the best ways to add tech to a car is to include a touch display that gives the driver and passenger control over their vehicle’s systems.

Ahead of CES 2021, Mercedes-Benz is showing off something that is a glimpse at the future of in-car tech. The MBUX Hyperscreen measures in at 56-inches, meaning it covers the vehicles’ entire dashboard. Rather than buttons and knobs, users control every aspect of the display with touch inputs.

‘Nerve Center’

In an announcement video, Mercedes-Benz’s chief technology officer, Sajjad Khan, described the new MBUX Hyperscreen as the “nerve center of the car.”

The ambitious display certainly has a sleek profile. However, Mercedes claims that it is even better from a usage perspective since the system doesn’t have any menu levels. In other words, users should be able to control the functions of their car in a simple, intuitive way without taking their eyes off the road to go through menu options.

The carmaker says, “Thanks to the so-called zero layer, the user does not have to scroll through submenus or give voice commands. The most important applications are always offered in a situational and contextual way at the top level in view.”

PCMag summarizes this by noting that the Hyperscreen’s artificial intelligence (AI) “is supposedly smart enough to know what you want.”

It’s also worth noting that the system can store up to seven unique driver profiles. This is a nice feature for families that have more than one person who drives the car. Each user can customize how they want the interface to appear when they get behind the wheel.

Impressive Unit

From a hardware perspective, the Hyperscreen is an impressive feat of design and engineering. The massive display is made up of three separate OLED panels. They are situated under a Gorilla Glass surface, making them look like a single, continuous screen. The display is crisp and has a luxurious feel to it.

Mercedes-Benz has coated the entire display to reduce glares and add a level of scratch resistance. Since the Hyperscreen relies solely on touch inputs, the added durability is a nice thing to have.

Speaking of touch controls, the display features 12 actuators that relay haptic feedback. This means users will feel the screen respond after each tap. As such, it is far more immersive than a screen that doesn’t provide feedback.

The MBUX Hyperscreen features an impressive eight-core CPU and a whopping 24GB of RAM. Users should expect it to run smoothly without the lag of many in-car touch displays.

In every sense, the Hyperscreen looks like something that would be found in a concept car of the future. Fortunately for automobile fanatics, the massive display is coming to the real world very soon. It will debut in Mercedes’ upcoming all-electric EQS sedan. The 56-inch display will be optional, but those buying the EQS would be foolish to pass on it.


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