Krisp provides AI-powered noise cancellation during video calls

Krisp provides two-way noise cancellation for video calls.
Image: Krisp

Although video calls have helped keep the world running amid the COVID-19 pandemic, no one likes them for their sound quality. Platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are often more focused on efficiency than quality. After all, it’s more important to keep a meeting running than have one with crystal clear audio.

That doesn’t mean you have to suffer through the background noise of your co-worker’s barking dog or torment them with the noisy street outside your window. An app called Krisp brings noise cancellation to both sides of a video call to make it more pleasant for everyone involved. Better yet, it is free for casual users.

Clear Sound With AI

There is no shortage of uses for artificial intelligence (AI) in today’s world. Smart noise cancellation is just one of them. It is also how Krisp manages to make video calls sound better on both ends.

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The company designed algorithms that are able to differentiate purposeful sound from background noise. To do so, it analyzed 20,000 sounds from a total of 50,000 speakers, Futurism notes.

By contrast, the noise cancellation features built into most headphones simply block out all sounds. Krisp’s method allows it to filter out select noises while letting intentional sound through. The final result is a video call that is virtually free of all noise except for the speakers involved.

To be clear, Krisp blocks background noise from both your microphone and the audio coming through from other users. Even if the other person isn’t using Krisp, the app still works.

Krisp is highly compatible thanks to integrations with more than 800 communication apps. That number includes Zoom, Teams, Meet, and Skype.

For those who only use video calls on a casual basis, Krisp offers a free subscription tier. It includes all the features of its paid plans but is limited to 120 minutes of noise cancellation per week. Users that need more time can opt for the $5-per-month Pro plan that includes unlimited noise cancellation. Either way, it shakes out as a good deal for anyone that wants more professional conference calls.

Many Uses

It’s worth noting that Krisp isn’t just for video calls. The app is equally effective at limiting background noise in other settings. For instance, a podcaster could use it while recording their show to ensure that the final product is clean and professional.

Video game streamers may want to use it to minimize the clicking of their keyboard as they play. In fact, Krisp even highlights the app’s noise reduction capabilities while using keyboard sounds as an example.

On the more professional side, Krisp comes in handy for those working in call centers. It is even more useful for call center employees that are currently working from home. Companies that want to keep their image as professional as possible could sign up for an enterprise plan with Krisp to ensure that every employee has access to the app.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed the way that work gets done. Tools like Krisp will become more popular as time goes on. However, you don’t have to wait to take advantage of them.


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