Hilton predicts what their hotels will look like 100 years from now.
Image: Hilton

It’s been 100 years since the massive Hilton hotel chain opened its first property. Now, the global hospitality company is looking the other way, 100 years forward, to predict what the hotel business will look like in the future.

From hotels in space to microchips that customize a room to a guest’s preference, Hilton’s claims may seem a bit far-fetched. Still, with technology moving faster than predicted, some of these guesses may not be too far off.

Microchip Personalization

In the hospitality industry, the number one priority is always improving customer satisfaction. Whether that means leaving a few cold bottles of water in a room upon check-in or providing free breakfast in the morning, hotels have countless strategies to meet this goal. However, in the future, methods of boosting customer satisfaction might get a lot more personal.


Hilton predicts that microchip implants will sync visitor interest data to the hotel. This information would then be used to control everything in a person’s room from the temperature to its decor. To demonstrate the idea, the company shared a mockup image of a room’s walls displaying an underwater landscape. While this sounds Black Mirror-esque, it may not be too far off.

Green Living

Consumers today care about the planet more than ever and want companies they frequent to share those values. With environmental concerns growing around the world, businesses everywhere must consider “going green.”

Fortunately, Hilton believes that the future of the hospitality sector will be sustainable. For one, it predicts that new hotels will be partially constructed with recovered ocean plastics. With a whopping 8 million tons entering the oceans every year, there will be no shortage of building materials.

Meanwhile, as the world shifts away from traditional sources of protein, the company’s vision boasts room service menus bursting with meat alternatives. For example, one menu mockup features options like an “Organically Reared Beetle Burger” and a “Green Velvet Cupcake.”

Hotels in Space

Perhaps the biggest (and most realistic) prediction involves the location of Hilton’s future hotels. With more than 5600 global properties totaling nearly a million rooms already in existence, the chain may need to get creative with expansion.

Fortunately, it isn’t shy about doing so. In its futuristic report, the company predicts that “[h]otels have migrated to other planets and high up in the mountains to avoid encroaching seas. We’ve ventured into the middle of unexplored, previously uninhabitable deserts and created places of beauty and recreation.”

A hundred years is a long time. With the rate of change in today’s world, it wouldn’t be too surprising if some or most of these predictions come true. Perhaps Hilton visitors should start saving up rewards points for an overnight stay in orbit.

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