HardwareCon 2019 is coming soon; find out why you need to be there
Image: HardwareCon

Commercial electronics device professionals have the Consumer Electronics Show. Video game creators have the Game Development Conference. Anyone with a vested interest in the future of semiconductors, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, or Internet of things technology (IoT) has HardwareCon 2019.

The April 17-18 event is presented by Hardware Massive, a global hardware startup platform. The convention’s theme this year is “Connecting AI, Machine Learning and Data through Hardware.” In other words, the summit will outline the different ways in which cutting-edge hardware is empowering small firms and large corporations to realize the revolutionary potential of deep learning.

Some of the tech sector’s biggest and most innovative corporations are sponsoring HardwareCon 2019. Semiconductor giants Xilinx and Avnet are the event’s lead sponsors while robotics firm Autodesk, laser company Simplexity, engineering simulation provider ANSYS and Fremont Bank are also providing support.


Notable Speakers

Tech entrepreneurs and investors interested in the industry’s next major developments can learn a lot by observing HardwareCon’s keynote presentations.

Dr. Ashwin Ram, technical director of Google’s AI program, will be giving a keynote speech. Since 2018, Dr. Ram has worked diligently to introduce the world to Google’s groundbreaking cloud-based AI tools. Consequently, his speech on how hardware can serve as an interface for AI, machine learning, and data is sure to be enlightening.

Ivo Bolsens, Xilinx’s senior vice president and CTO, is also scheduled to make a keynote address. Bolsens has worked in the industry since 2001 and joined Xilinx in 2008. In his time with the semiconductor firm, he has developed wireless communication terminals and circuit verification technology. His can’t miss HardwareCon speech will revolve around intelligent, adaptive hardware with differentiated and efficient AI.

HardwareCon 2019 will also feature speeches by representatives from Amazon, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and Verizon.

Programming Highlights

In addition to gaining insights from the leading lights of contemporary machinery and AI development, HardwareCon attendees also have the opportunity to learn, network, and make potentially career-making deals.

Startup founders and tech professionals should make time to visit the HardwareCon Expo and Hardware Boulevard. The expo floor will feature 40 exhibitors representing software companies, hardware vendors, and service providers. As such, participants can get a firsthand look at the companies that are innovating in the robotics, AI, and component spaces.

It’s worth noting HardwareCon’s organizers baked in 11 hours of expo exploration time into the two-day event. So hundreds of investors, developers, thought leaders, government officials, and founders will have plenty of time to meet up, talk, and form meaningful connections.

The convention will also host the preliminary and final rounds of the AlphaLab Gear Hardware Cup. The competition gives hardware startups the chance to pitch themselves to the likes of Honda Innovations and Toyota AI Ventures. The Hardware Cup offers venture capitalists (VC) the chance to learn about the sector’s most exciting new firms. The contest also lets startup founders scope out the competition.

Attendees can also take in presentations on the global impact of deep learning-enhanced robotics, the latest advancements in connected cleantech, blockchain’s place in the hardware ecosystem, and the intersection of medical wearables and AI.

The intersection of machine learning and networked hardware will drive innovation for the rest of the 21st century. Consequently, tech industry professionals, VCs, and founders owe it to themselves to be present at this AI and machinery-centric event.

HardwareCon 2019 takes place on April 17-18 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. Tickets can be purchased here.

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