GTC 2020: Nvidia announces new collaborations with Amazon, Microsoft, and American Express


Nvidia revealed it collaborated with Amazon, Microsoft, and American Express to develop a host of new offerings during its 2020 GTC GPU Technology Conference. The chipmaker used its technology to help the above-listed firms optimize the retail experience, enhance productivity, and protect consumer financial data.

Nvidia’s 2020 GTC event began on October 5 and will conclude on October 9.

Nvidia and Amazon Want to Transform the Retail Experience

First up, Nvidia and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have teamed up to make virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology more accessible and useful.

Soon, firms will be able to access Nvidia’s CloudXR platform via Amazon EC2 P3 and G4 instances. The offering will enable users to access highly immersive AR and VR content from the cloud. Because of that feature, a wearer can have a graphics-intensive virtual experience with just their preferred uncorded headgear.

Nvidia noted some of its clients had utilized its workstation-free VR/AR platform to open up new retail possibilities.

Lucid Motor, an emerging electric vehicle company, uses the platform to bring customers into VR showrooms. The Gettys Group, a hospitality design firm, utilizes the platform to communicate its ideas to clients in the digital space.

Nvidia said its CloudXR platform would go live early next year. With Apple rumored to launch a smart glasses product in late 2021, this service could become very popular in the near-term.

New AI-Enabled Features for Microsoft Word

Nvidia and Microsoft have long worked together to add new features to the former’s Azure cloud computing services. Last year, the two corporations unveiled a new cross-industry intelligent age solution. At GTC 2020, the firms revealed how the chipmaker’s technology enhanced Microsoft Word’s editing capabilities.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, an Azure AI feature, can tap into Nvidia’s Triton Inference Server to get smarter grammar suggestions. Because cutting-edge neural networks power the platform, it has a high level of contextual awareness. That resource enables Word for the web to provide more accurate, human-like writing recommendations.

In the past, Microsoft could not offer AI-enabled grammar checking because the feature would have been cost-prohibitive. But the Triton server can handle 450 queries per second at 30 percent of the cost of other deep learning tools.

The two corporations said the online version of Word would answer non-exact questions and offer text predictions thanks to Nvidia’s support in the future.

Smarter Fraud Detection From American Express

American Express also utilized Nvidia’s Triton server to optimize its operations, specifically its fraud detection technology.

According to the Nilson Report, American Express has kept the industry’s lowest fraud rate for the past 13 years. But in the post-coronavirus landscape, consumers have come to depend more heavily on web-based services to fulfill their shopping needs. In response, the financial services corporation sought to bolster its fraud detection resources to adjust to the “new normal.”

American Express previously utilized recurrent neural networks supported by long short-term memory networks to monitor anomalous spending patterns. For instance, the corporation’s system will flag transactions involving a customer’s account in two different cities within a few minutes. The banking firm asked Nvidia to help expedite its anomaly recognition capability.

The chipmaker obliged, and American Express experienced a 50 percent accuracy improvement in its real-time fraud detection after integrating Triton into its systems.

Better Living Through Technology

Often, when technology providers show off their latest offerings, they include more than a little puffery in their presentations. But Nvidia seems to be an exception. Its GTC 2020 exhibitions showed how its hardware is making existing business processes faster and more efficient.

It will be interesting to see which industry Nvidia’s tools optimize next given what it has done for retailers, software makers, and financial services companies.


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