Google Assistant users can now send reminders to other people


The ability to set reminders in an instant is arguably one of the most helpful features on today’s smartphones. Google Assistant allows users to do so simply and efficiently. Of course, until now, those reminders could only go to one’s future self.

Starting next month, users can assign family members, friends, and roommates to a Family Group and then share reminders with them. The new feature will be extremely useful for reminding a spouse to take out the trash or telling the kids to walk the dog.

Family Group Necessary

Of course, it would be all-too-easy to hassle someone with unwanted reminders. To somewhat sidestep this problem, Google ensures that anyone wanting to share Assistant reminders signs up as part of a Family Group first.

Though the name suggests otherwise, Family Groups aren’t limited to actual family members. Users can add anyone they want via Google’s website (though the other person will need to accept the invitation to make things official). Up to six members can join the group.

For users living under the same roof, there is an even easier way to set things up. Using a smart speaker or smart display powered by Google Assistant’s Voice Match allows family members to send reminders back and forth without setting up a Family Group.

From there, the reminder sharing feature is fairly simple. It works just like normal Assistant reminders and can be set with a voice command or text. Users can say phrases like “Hey Google, remind John to walk the dog,” or, “OK Google, remind the kids to take the trash out every Tuesday night.”

Being part of a Family Group offers more benefits than just the ability to send reminders, however. It also allows users to share access to services like YouTube TV and YouTube Premium, Google Keep, and gives parents the ability to monitor their child’s device usage.

Should users find themselves getting unwanted reminders, they will have the ability to block certain people from sending them. Google itself acknowledges that the blocking feature exists so that kids can’t spam their parents with constant reminders.

Seamless Integration

In recent months, Google has been making a quiet shift toward focusing on family-centered smart home products. Leading the transformation is its lineup of Nest devices which includes smart thermostats, displays, and more. The new Google Nest Hub Max is expected to release on September 9.

Conveniently, the new reminder sharing feature will start rolling out next month as well. There is no doubt that Google will use it to highlight Hub Max’s family unifying capabilities.

It will likely take some time to adjust to receiving reminders from someone else. Even so, Google Assistant’s new capability will surely be a nice one to have.