Report: Global notebook and tablet shipments soar in Q2

Google is facing an antitrust investigation in the US

Recently, DigiTimes Research reported that global shipments of laptop and tablet computers would surge in the second quarter after falling in Q1 due to the coronavirus outbreak. The organization notes deliveries of those electronic devices will increase because of supply chain recovery and a COVID-19 related increase in consumer demand.

Notebook Shipments up 40 Percent in Q2

DigiTimes notes global shipments of notebook computers will soar by 40 percent from the March period in the second quarter. The publication attributes the change to a sharp upswing in remote employee and student transitions in Q1 to halt the spread of the coronavirus.

Electronics manufacturers are experiencing an uptick in sales because consumers have upgraded their hardware to complete their tasks remotely. A Gartner CFO survey found 74 percent of companies had employees work from home because of the pandemic. Similarly, UNESCO announced 290 million students worldwide had been sent home because of regional lockdown orders in early April.

Last month, Nvidia, Intel, and AMD reported an increase in computer processor sales because of COVID-19 generated demand. Unfortunately, laptop manufacturers could not ramp up their production in response because Beijing initiated sweeping self-quarantine orders in February. Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Huawei, and Vizio supplier Foxconn did not recover its full Sino capacity until late March.

Analytics firm TrendForce discovered the pandemic caused first-quarter laptop production to drop by 35 percent sequentially and 26 percent annually. But as the Sino electronics supply line has returned to normal, manufacturers can address workers’ and students’ needs for high-performance equipment.

Tablet Deliveries up by 45 Percent in Q2

DigiTimes estimates global tablet shipments will jump by 45.5 percent from Q1 and 9.9 percent year-over-year in the June period. The firm notes device makers are using the current quarter to fulfill orders that should have gone out in the first three months of the year. The organization’s research indicates worldwide tablet deliveries fell by 33.6 percent annually in the first quarter because of COVID-19 disruption.

The publication also disclosed key information about the composition of the contemporary global PC market.

Apple stood as the world’s largest tablet manufacturer in Q1 and increased its iPad orders by 60 percent for the current quarter. Samsung and Huawei ranked as the sector’s number two and three brands last period while Lenovo claimed fourth place. However, Amazon will displace Lenovo in Q2 because of a revival in demand for its Kindle products.

DigiTimes also revealed 75 percent of the global tablet shipments made in the first-quarter were 10-inch devices. But in the second quarter, 7.x-inch slabs will increase their market share due to the increasing popularity of the iPad Mini and the Kindle Fire 7.

Given the ongoing impact of COVID-19, it will be interesting to see how the laptop and tablet computer markets shake out in 2020. After a steep decline in Q1 and a robust recovery in Q2, shipments should fall in Q3 as workers and students fulfill their hardware requirements. After that, it is unclear how consumers will react to the products introduced for the holiday season.



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