Electrify America tops 500 vehicle charging stations in the US

Electrify America now has more than 500 charging stations in the U.S.
Image: Electrify America

The market for electric vehicles in the United States continues to grow. Despite a hit to the automobile industry from the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that electric cars are the future of transportation. Even so, consumers are hesitant to invest in an electric vehicle due to concerns about where to charge it.

Companies like Electrify America are working hard to address those concerns. On Tuesday, it announced that it now has more than 500 charging stations in the U.S.

That is a major milestone not only for the company but also for the electric vehicle industry as a whole. However, Electrify America has no intention of slowing down. It plans to expand its network of charging stations to include more than 800 by the end of 2021.

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Charging the Nation

Gas stations are a common sight in cities and towns of every size. There is one on almost every corner no matter what state you’re traveling in. This makes it possible for drivers to essentially forget about fueling up until it’s time to do so.

For electric car owners, it isn’t that simple. Although driving around town isn’t a problem, batteries don’t last long enough to make extended road trips.

Electrify America wants to solve the problem by giving electric car owners an abundance of charging stations to choose from. The company’s network of stations includes a total of 2,200 DC fast chargers. Drivers will find charging speeds between 150-350 kilowatts. This is more than enough to quickly power up and get back on the road.

The chargers are also able to power up more than one vehicle simultaneously. That’s a big advantage over some stations that are limited to charging one car at a time.

More on the Way

Electrify America has come a long way since it started constructing charging stations in 2018. Building a network of 500 stations in that short time period is an impressive accomplishment. However, the company isn’t stopping there.

It is currently working towards a goal of 800 stations by the end of next year. Barring any unforeseen delays related to COVID-19, it should be able to meet the ambitious milestone.

Meanwhile, Electrify America is working to make both its new and existing stations greener by installing solar panels. This allows the chargers to draw power from the sun before relaying it to the electric vehicles that come to power up.

As more electric cars hit the road, utilizing clean energy to power them will be highly important. Although they are better for the environment than gas-powered cars, solutions like solar energy can make electric cars even greener.

Electrify America plans to outfit 125 of its charging stations with solar canopies throughout the course of 2021. Of course, which stations are chosen depends on their location and how much sun they receive.

Regardless, the company’s achievements in the vehicle charging space are a positive advancement for electric cars. In the coming years, consumers won’t have to worry about where to charge thanks to growing networks like this one.


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