Experts weigh in on cybersecurity predictions for 2019

Cybersecurity predictions for 2019

The world of cybersecurity had a landmark year in 2018. From the many missteps of Facebook to the Marriott data breach earlier this month, there has been no shortage of news in the space. So, many experts believe that 2019 will be a strong year for cybersecurity and that the flaws of this year will be addressed.

With the booming growth of the Internet of Things and more people going online than ever, cybersecurity is a focal point of all businesses that operate in the tech sector. Whether it is an app, account login information, or your private personal data, these companies must be ready to protect digital information. Here’s what some of the world’s top cybersecurity experts have to say:

IBM Security

IBM is a leader in the cybersecurity sector as well as in many others. They predict that U.S. companies will start leaning away from using social security numbers as tools for employee access.

They also point out that effects of the new European General Data Protection Regulation will result in better regulated domain control. Although right now the act makes it harder to find malicious domains, they believe that 2019 will find ways to identify these security vulnerabilities.


McAfee is a trusted household name that is installed on millions of devices around the world to prevent malware. They predict that in 2019, underground hackers will consolidate to create fewer but stronger viruses and attacks.

This will accompany increases in mobile malware and more stolen credit cards and login credentials than ever before, according to McAfee. Partially, this is due to the application of AI in less than ethical ways by hacking groups.


ObserveIT is looking towards a technology that is just cresting the horizon of reality: 5G wireless networks. They believe that the impending deployment of these high-speed networks will create a more vulnerable security landscape.

The company urges that individuals and businesses alike educate themselves on their current cybersecurity policies. Then, they must ensure that their technology infrastructure is ready for the changes that are coming.


NSFocus shares concerns that are twofold. They confidently predict that cryptocurrency mining will spread exponentially in 2019. The number has already risen sharply compared to the beginning of 2018 and they see no slowing of the trend.

Meanwhile, the vulnerable Internet of Things will be a point of emphasis for DDoS attacks. With more and more devices entering the IoT, it will be difficult for security techniques to keep up.

LogRhythm Labs

This security firm has some major predictions for 2019 in cybersecurity. Top among them is that a cyber-attack on an automobile will kill someone. With cars more connected, hackers have a prime opportunity to create havoc and harm. Sound like a “Black Mirror” episode?

LogRhythm Labs also predicts that President Donald Trump’s cell phone will be hacked. As celebrities, government employees, and more have been exposed to similar hacks, who is to say that it won’t happen?