Chromecast leak reveals a lot about Google’s latest streaming device

Chromecast leak suggests a dedicated remote for next-gen device.
Image: WinFuture

Reports of a new Chromecast-like device have been circulating for months now. However, Google has been hesitant to provide details about it. Although the Big Tech firm hasn’t changed its stance, new leaks just revealed a lot about the new Chromecast—including the fact that it might come with a dedicated remote.

Google reportedly plans to officially announce the device at an event on September 30, so the leak doesn’t cut out too much waiting. At the same time, it likely means that the leaked renders are very similar to what the company will release later this month.

Hitting Refresh

Google’s lineup of Chromecast devices revolutionized what it means to stream content. They make it possible to send videos back and forth between a phone or tablet and the TV. That’s incredibly convenient for entertainment lovers. However, the Chromecast lineup has remained pretty stagnant despite a few updates over the years.

Google’s new device will be a massive change for the Chromecast family. Of course, it doesn’t look like it. The leaks show a round, plastic HDMI dongle that is a bit larger than a typical Chromecast.

The more interesting part of the leak is a dedicated remote control. Even that has been leaked previously. However, the latest renders show a revised layout that includes dedicated buttons for YouTube and Netflix.

Although Chromecast devices are very convenient, it can be annoying to have to use your phone to control every aspect of the experience. A dedicated remote will let users adjust the volume, navigate their shows, and access the Google Assistant without having to touch their phone.

More Chromecast Rumors

Google’s latest casting device will also supposedly feature support for Android TV. While a rebrand of the OS is imminent, the features will largely remain the same. It’s likely that the name change to Google TV will occur in sync with the release of Google’s new Chromecast.

The new gadget is rumored to cost $49.99 and will come in at least three colors at launch, according to 9to5Google. “Summer melon” (pink), “rock candy” (gray), and “summer blue” will be the options. Of course, the color of a Chromecast is far less important than something like a Google Home because it is most likely hidden behind the TV anyway.

That being said, the pricing is interesting. Previous Chromecast models have cost anywhere from $70 for the Ultra edition to $30 for the third-generation model. Increasing the base price to $50 is an interesting move.

Fortunately, Chromecasts are a common item in Black Friday deals and similar promotions. With November’s sales just around the corner, you’ll probably be able to snag Google’s newest Chromecast for much cheaper.

Stay tuned to The Burn-In for news about Google’s upcoming event and, of course, announcements about the new Chromecast. The event should be packed with product announcements and updates about what’s happening in the Google-verse.


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