ChargerHelp raises $2.75M for on-demand electric vehicle charger repairs

Electrify America just completed its first cross-country charging network

Electric vehicles are more popular than ever. Yet, they still are only beginning to scratch the surface of their potential. Over the next decade or two, electric cars will likely overtake gas-powered ones as the most popular vehicles on the road.

That’s a major adjustment not only for individual drivers but also for the infrastructure that supports car travel. Rather than gas stations, electric cars require charging stations that can fill a battery as quickly as possible.

Given the fact that this approach revolves around technology, things are bound to break. That’s where ChargerHelp comes in. The startup is making a name for itself in the electric vehicle world by offering on-demand repairs for charging stations. According to TechCrunch, it has now raised $2.75 million to further its mission.

Keeping it Working

Across the United States, companies are rushing to build charging stations ahead of the surge of electric vehicles that are expected to arrive in the coming years. While it’s great that those stations are being built, it’s important to keep them operational now and in the future. However, maintaining electric vehicle chargers isn’t a job for everyone. Doing so requires special training, equipment, and industry knowledge.

ChargerHelp happens to have all of those things. The startup, which is based in Los Angeles, aims to take the maintenance of electric car chargers off the plate of their owners.

Part of the problem with charging stations is that it’s difficult to know when they’re broken. If users don’t report that a charger isn’t working, the owner isn’t likely to know that something is wrong. Instead, they may simply attribute it to a smaller number of electric cars in the area.

According to ChargerHelp co-founder Kameale Terry, “Today when a station goes down there’s really no troubleshooting guidance.”

Indeed, fixing the station can turn into a lengthy process as multiple individuals try troubleshooting steps and repairs until they eventually stumble across a solution.

Thriving on Possibilities

No one really knows how popular the electric vehicle industry will be in the future. However, it’s a safe bet that it will be extremely profitable for those who are able to have an impact on it. For ChargerHelp, that’s the goal.

The startup is currently building a nationwide workforce of technicians who know how to service both electric vehicles and the chargers they visit.

According to TechCrunch, ChargerHelp has already recruited its first 20 technicians and hired 18 of them after a training period. It plans to conduct a second round of recruitment this month.

The technicians are guaranteed a full-time wage of $30 an hour along with shares in the startup. It’s a potentially lucrative opportunity if ChargerHelp gets off the ground.

With just under $3 million in fresh funding, the startup is poised for success. It is certainly one to keep an eye on as the age of electric vehicles draws nearer. The company’s innovative approach to vehicle charger maintenance could help it become an industry cornerstone in the years to come.


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