CES 2020 robotics preview: Pizza-bots, robo-pets, bionic best friends, and more

CES 2020 promises to be a great event for robot lovers.
Image: Cody DeBos / The Burn-In

Las Vegas, Nevada is gearing up to be the center of the tech world once again. CES 2020 is just around the corner and promises to bring with it a host of new and exciting gadgets. It seems that more and more robots are hitting the show floor each year.

January’s exhibition will be no different. CES 2020 will play host to some of the most innovative new robots in the world. Though there are far too many to cover in one article, here is a preview of what to expect.

Automatic Food

In November, The Burn-In reported that the robotic food startup Picnic had raised $5 million in seed round funding. Its mouth-watering pizza-making robot is already doing big things in the catering industry. In fact, visitors to the Seattle Mariner’s T-Mobile ballpark may have gotten a taste of what it cooks up since the bot is in use there.

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Picnic’s pizza robot can crank out up to 300 12-inch personal pizzas every hour. It will need all of that power to keep the hungry crowds fed at CES 2020. Though many attendees show up to the tech conference hoping to try some of Las Vegas’ best dishes, a slice of pizza made by a robot is something you won’t want to miss.

Woof, Beep, Woof

Though many robots are either humanoid or just function as a part (say, an arm), a few are specifically designed with something else in mind. Although pet robots aren’t exactly new there will be plenty of innovation in that area at CES 2020.

One robo-pet for attendees to look out for is the adorable Tombot. It is a robot that looks like a realistic Labrador. As if that isn’t endearing enough, it is actually being designed for seniors with dementia who need a companion.

Robots don’t just come in pet form though—sometimes they are actually for the pets. CES 2020 will play host to Mia, a robot that dispenses food and treats for your dog or cat. Meanwhile, a smart litter box by the name of LavvieBot will also make its debut.

New Best Friend

Apparently the folks at Samsung didn’t see the “Black Mirror” episode with Miley Cyrus. Or, perhaps they did and were trying to recreate that reality when they designed piBo. The rotund little robot “lives” to be best friends with its human owners. It does everything from making small talk to changing its facial expression depending on what the topic is. Of course, this is all powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and is a little frightening.

It comes from the tech company’s Creative Lab and will show up at its Eureka Park booth. Use that knowledge to go meet piBo or avoid it at all costs. Those who don’t mind the idea of being best friends with a robot will find piBo impressive and lovable. The rest of us will enjoy a chat with other attendees.

Regardless of what a person’s robotic interests are there is something at CES 2020 to enjoy. This is only a minuscule sampling of what will be in Nevada in January. There will be plenty of other robots to discover throughout the various exhibition halls.


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