CES 2020 preview: Prepare for 5G and 8K

CES 2020 is coming and will feature 8K and 5G tech.
Image: Cody DeBos / The Burn-In

The biggest event in all of tech is getting ready to take place at the beginning of 2020. It might be hard to believe that the 2010s are almost over, but the future is looking bright thanks to plenty of innovation across the tech industry.

CES 2020 will operate similarly to past conferences and will focus heavily on products related to 5G deployment and 8K media. There will also be lots of conversations surrounding data privacy from some of the top minds in the tech space.

With that being said, CES 2020 has a ton to offer in every aspect of tech from robots to AI and tech-health to new consumer devices. This a preview of what the show will look like.

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When is CES 2020?

This year’s CES conference will take place from Tuesday, January 7 through Friday, January 10, 2020. Of course, the fun isn’t confined to those three days. Everyone from journalists to tech leaders will be arriving earlier as several companies will host news conferences starting on Sunday, January 5. Sony, Samsung, and LG are a few noteworthy names on that list.

CES 2020 will take place in Las Vegas across 11 official venues. These include the ever-popular Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center, The Venetian, and Park MGM. The show boasts more than 2.9 million square feet of exhibition space for technology leaders in every category.

CES 2020 Trends

Some extremely impactful technology got its start at a past CES conference. For example, 2015’s event saw the unveiling of 4K UHD screens and virtual reality. The show in 2008 debuted OLED TV, while Blu-Ray was announced at CES 2003.

That trend of innovation isn’t going to slow down at CES 2020. Though many presentations and exhibitions are shrouded in secrecy, industry experts believe that 5G mobile technology and 8K displays will highlight this year’s show.

The blossoming revolution surrounding these two technologies will drive innovation across products from laptops to smart gadgets and phones to robots. LG will lead the way with new displays, including the possible announcement of a transparent OLED TV. Meanwhile, Intel will look to build on its CES 2019 success and could announce components like a discrete GPU or new 10mm desktop processors.

Back in the display space, Samsung is expected to announce a QLED TV without a bezel. Sony will likely continue to build anticipation for its 2020 PS5 console with a few tidbits of new information.

Aside from the new products, CES will serve as a sounding board for ideas about the future of tech. Considering the many data privacy issues that have arisen in 2019, that should be a hot topic of discussion.

How to Attend CES 2020

Those hoping to attend this year’s CES conference can sign up on the event’s official website. Tickets are now available. Media members will get free admission while everyone else can get Early Bird access for just $100. That ticket grants access to the floor show on January 7-10 as well as the keynotes.

However, those thinking of attending CES 2020 should act fast. Prices will go up to $300 after December 18. Anyone hoping for a more memorable experience can grab a CES 2020 Starter Conference Pass that “includes a curated list of events around the show’s biggest trends for $700” according to TechRadar.

With a host of exciting product announcements, CES 2020 promises to be a great way to kick off the new decade. This will be an event you don’t want to miss.