The hottest trends and gadgets at CES 2019

CES 2019 review

CES 2019 has once again delivered a dazzling glimpse of the future. Thousands of innovative products filled miles of exhibit space as companies big and small flocked to Las Vegas to unveil their latest gadgets.

From the bizarre to the bold, lots of edgy, forward-thinking devices were on display at the world’s largest consumer tech show. Here’s a look at some of the hottest items coming out of this year’s hi-tech mecca.

TV Trends

We predicted TVs were going to be a top trend at CES 2019 and leading manufacturers proved us right. From LG’s mind-blowing OLED TV R roll up TV to TCL’s massive 75-inch 8K Roku TV, future TV models are equipped to transform the home viewing experience.

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With built-in AI voice assistant services and an integrated far-field mic, these sets are ready to carry out voice commands. Plus, upgraded 8K resolution contains quadruple the number of pixels than a 4K model, which delivers stunning picture quality.

Hi-Tech Transport

Electric vehicles at CES
Monday Motorbikes all-electric M1

Self-driving cars are poised to shake up the future of the auto industry. Top models in the CES 2019 autonomous fleet include the Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC van, the Audi Aicon, and the Hyundai Mobis.

This is CES, which means unconventional methods of transport can also turn up. For example, Bell previewed a full-scale design of its hybrid-electric Bell Nexus “flying car.” The vertical lift machine looks like a huge drone and could potentially revolutionize commuting. Jaws also dropped for Hyundai’s walking car, Elevate, and Harley Davidson showed off its all-electric motorcycle, Livewire. There was even a bike with Alexa, called the Cybic E-Legend.

Smart Home Gadgets

Homes are getting “smarter” as AI assistants like Alexa turn on our lights, set an alarm and read off our favorite recipes. Elecpro is taking smart home security up a notch with its facial recognition smart lock. That’s right. All you have to do is look at this deadbolt lock and it unlocks upon verified facial recognition.

Folding laundry can be so tedious and seems to take forever. Foldimate has the perfect hi-tech solution. Just insert an item of clothing and the machine spits it back out folded. It astoundingly folds a whole load in just five minutes. Samsung’s AI platform, Bixby, sets smart washer and dryer settings.

Also, a Sensor Mirror by Simplehuman functions as a lamp, mirror, and speaker. Kohler even displayed a smart toilet, complete with a heated seat and Alexa.

Sports Tech and Fitness

BotBoxer at CES 2019
BotBoxer in action at CES 2019

An expanded CES Sports Zone at CES 2019 featured all kinds of cool sports tech. The BotBoxer robotic trainer is essentially a high-tech sparring partner and coach. A virtual reality hockey simulator, a golf simulator, and batting cage simulator were also on display this year.

Fitness tech and wearables are trendy right now, and CES hosted an array of stylish smartwatches. The Kate Spade Scallop 2 was a standout and features a heart rate tracker, GPS, and Google Pay. Withings Move ECG smartwatch boasts an integrated electrocardiogram monitor which can track irregular heartbeats.

Finally, if you’re looking to spice up your stationary bike workout, the NordicTrack VR bike comes with a HTC Vive Focus standalone VR headset. This means you can play games (like Aeronaut) while you pedal, which puts a fun techno spin on your workout routine.

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