AT&T cancels all Samsung Galaxy Fold orders


On Wednesday, AT&T announced it had canceled all pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold. The telecommunications giant is distributing $100 gift cards to customers who ordered the apparently doomed handset.

As a result, it’s unclear if the once hotly anticipated mobile device will ever be released.

A Disastrous Launch

In February, Samsung sent shockwaves through the mobility sector by unveiling the groundbreaking $2,000 smartphone. Having lost significant market share to rival firm Huawei, the South Korean corporation hoped the flexible device would improve the profitability of its electronics segment.

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Initially, the conglomerate’s new offering seemed destined for success. Despite its high price, Samsung sold out of its first batch of Folds.

However, disaster struck two months later when the corporation let people touch the phone. Several journalists and bloggers noted the Fold had severe design defects. For instance, reviewers found that it malfunctioned after they removed what appeared to be a screen protector. In truth, the flimsy transparent film was a layer of polymer that was integral to the device’s display.

At first, the company downplayed the Fold’s flaws. However, it ultimately decided to delay the device’s April 25 launch. Samsung also announced that if the phone did not ship by May 31, all pre-orders would be canceled. On May 24, big-box retailer Best Buy preemptively canceled all of its Galaxy Fold requisitions. With no new updates from Samsung, AT&T has now followed Best Buy’s lead.

Though the electronics conglomerate still hosts a Galaxy Fold page on its website, its purchase link has been disabled. Consequently, no one knows when or if the company will ever release its highly touted potential breakout smartphone of 2018.

Huawei Foldable Smartphone

Update: On Friday morning, CNBC reported Huawei will also delay the release of the Mate X in light of the failed Samsung Galaxy Fold launch.

While Samsung’s flexible mobile device might never arrive, another smartphone company is delivering a foldable device this month. Embattled Chinese conglomerate Huawei is releasing the foldable Mate X in June.

Because the Trump Administration has barred American companies from doing business with Huawei, the 5G-enabled smartphone isn’t launching in the United States. However, the corporation is planning to launch the device in the United Kingdom later this month. But while the Mate X is heading to store shelves, its success is uncertain.

For one thing, Huawei is retailing its first foldable 5G phone for $2,600. As such, Mate X is one of the modern era’s most expensive mass-produced smartphones. Additionally, the disastrous launch of the Galaxy Fold may make consumers uneasy about investing in untested technology.

Lastly, the U.S. government’s year-old mission to paint Huawei as an organ of the Chinese Communist Party has affected the firm’s handset release plans. Last month, wireless carriers in Britain and Japan delayed the domestic release of new Huawei smartphones due to security concerns.

Thus, the formerly inevitable global adoption of foldable mobile hardware may be postponed indefinitely.

Samsung’s Supersized TV

Despite experiencing a distressing 60 percent revenue drop in Q1 2019, Samsung doesn’t seem interested in turning its fortunes around. In addition to attempting to launch a fatally flawed smartphone, last month the corporation announced an impending release of an insipid vertical television.

Now, the South Korean conglomerate has announced plans to offer a new outrageously oversized TV. The firm will begin selling The Wall Luxury this fall. The massive model features a 292-inch screen, 8K resolution, and a brightness level of 2,000 nits. Moreover, thanks to recent design innovations, the bevel-free Wall Luxury has a depth of only 30mm.

Samsung hasn’t released pricing for its garish new product, but it might be in the seven figures. The corporation currently sells its 98-inch Q900 set for $69,999. Five years ago, a British manufacturer called Titan Screens released a 4K, 370-inch monster TV called the Titan Zeus for $1.6 million. Wealthy “trendsetters” can spend California house money to buy the Wall Luxury in September.