Report: New claims Apple will release 5.4-inch 5G as ‘iPhone 12 Mini’

Report: TSMC 5nm production capacity filled by Apple orders through year’s end.
Image: YouTube | Apple

Leaker “L0vetodream” tweeted Monday that Apple will release a version of its first 5G-enabled smartphone with a 5.4-inch screen as the “iPhone 12 mini.” The tipster also indicated the firm’s standard, premium, and deluxe offerings are called the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. L0vetodream’s post aligns with a May report from tech analyst Jon Prosser regarding the rest of the lineup.

Apple has not announced a release date for its next-generation handsets, but industry watchers believe it will launch in October.

Why Apple is Reportedly Releasing the ‘iPhone 12 Mini’

Like the rest of the smartphone industry, Apple has followed the “bigger is better” paradigm for its recent handset releases. However, the electronics giant also understands that variety is a crucial revenue driver.

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The corporation’s desire to cater to contemporary tastes while maximizing its market share likely motived the development of its forthcoming 5.4-inch flagship.

On the one hand, the company’s iPhone 12 and 12 Pro have a 6.1-inch screen to appeal to mainstream buyers. Both devices feature form factors that consumers are expecting and a number of impressive hardware upgrades. In addition, the corporation’s super-sized iPhone 12 Pro Max has a 6.7-inch panel to lure in consumers who made Samsung’s Note series a success.

Apple is releasing the iPhone 12 mini to target yet another demographic.

The smartphone’s modest display and powerful chipset make it ideal for people who want a discreet but cutting-edge handset. Previously, the corporation released mini versions of the iPad and iMac to bring in purchasers who prefer smaller devices. The handset’s slighter than usual form factor will make it easier for Apple to offer it at a comparatively low price point.

When will Apple Release the iPhone 12 Series?

Last week, Apple held an online event where it unveiled refreshed versions of its most popular hardware. However, the presentation did not feature the unveiling of its latest flagship smartphone. The reason being, the coronavirus pandemic threw off the manufacturer’s production schedule with unexpected production delays.

As a result, the Big Tech giant will not be launching its latest handsets during the traditional September timeframe.

During a July earnings call, Apple CFO Luca Maestri noted her company’s 5G iPhones would be “available a few weeks later” than expected.

In August, Jon Prosser claimed the electronics company would use a staggered rollout strategy for the iPhone 12 series. The firm will ship its standard edition handsets in mid-October, but will hold its Pro level devices back until November.

Ultimately, even Apple is not immune to coronavirus related disruptions that have affected the global electronics supply chain. Nevertheless, consumers probably will not let a delayed release dampen their enthusiasm for a new iPhone. That is, unless Apple and its retail partners massively bungle the preorder process for the hotly anticipated new smartphone.

But what are the odds of another major electronics manufacturer having that problem this year? Looking back at how improbable 2020 has been, the odds are about even.



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